BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)- Boulder is considered one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the nation. Now, the foothills community is launching its B-cycle program next month.

The idea is to get even more people out of their cars and onto bikes for short distances.

It will also give visitors an easy way to experience cycling in Boulder.

“Boulder B-cycle will be launching on May 20. We’re very excited it’s coming to town. B-cycle is a bike share program, so these great bikes are designed for short trips around town to help people get where they need to go at lunch time, run errands and to help our visitors experience Boulder the way the locals do,” said Boulder B-cycle spokeswoman Elizabeth Train.

Right now there are 12 stations with 100 bikes. Boulder B-cycle hopes to expand the program to 18 stations with 140 bikes.

Comments (2)
  1. Amber L Krystal says:

    It is probably a better use of your money to go to Community Cycles in Boulder and buy a used bike. Also, I hear you can volunteer there and be rewarded with a bike you’ve fixed up during your time working there. This sharing program is a good idea, but when I looked at the prices in Denver, after the money spent on a few uses, you could totally have your own bike.

  2. Rideit says:

    Boulder’s system is 20% cheaper then Denver’s. Bike sharing remains a fun, cheap and easy way to see the city, and is a good idea for tourists and people that need a bike immediately.

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