FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- A church is coming to the defense of a Larimer County couple charged with abusing their three adopted children.

Steven and Edelwina Leschinsky will stand trial in May for felony child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The girls were 12, 13 and 14 last year when they told police they were punished by being forced to hit each other. They also told investigators that while at the family home in Johnstown, they were forced to complete extreme exercise, including 45 miles of running over three days, and push-ups to exhaustion over a board bristling with nails.

leschinsky Church Supports Couple Charged With Child Abuse

Edelwina and Steven Leschinsky (credit: Larimer County Sheriff)

The Knights of Columbus in Loveland, where Steven is a member, and the Saint Johns Church in Johnstown, are hosting a fundraiser for the couple.

The priest told CBS4’s Mike Hooker that he didn’t want to talk about the fundraiser. A church bulletin from mid-March includes an announcement that reads, “The Leschinsky family is in need of our help to cover the $100,000 needed for their defense fund against false charges being leveled at their family… Let’s all pull together to help this persecuted family.”

Two people contacted CBS4, upset about the fundraiser. They wanted to remain anonymous, but said any fund raising should be to help the three sisters, not their adoptive parents who will be on trial.

On Friday night, there is a fundraiser for the Leschinskys hosted by a church and a service club.

Comments (7)
  1. molin says:

    A Priest, supporting abuse charges,,,how novel,,,

  2. JD says:

    I’m always disgusted by the self-righteous hypocrites that rush to post comments condemning others. Here’s a wake up call : In America, you’re still innocent until proven guilty. That’s a right each of us is guaranteed in spite of the lynch-mob mentality displayed by some very un-american Americans.

    People are accused of stuff all the time, every day in this country. An accusation doesn’t equate to truth. Each and every one of us, regardless of our virtues and law-abiding natures, are just one single accuser from being in the same situation as this couple. Give them the same benefit of doubt which you would expect for yourself.

    Let the process work itself out. If a jury finds them guilty then light the torches for a stake burning. Until then, take a chill pill and show a little class.

  3. M says:

    Edelwina is a complete whack job, and Steve has no balls. They need to be permanently locked behind doors. A family member witnessed her in action, called her on her abusiveness, and she cut off all contact. She is a mastermind at manipulation, has fooled an entire church, and needs to be locked behind bars, licking windows, like she should have been from the start. These people should not be allowed to come within a mile of any child. If/when this case goes to trial, I will be there, come hell or high water.

    1. bystander says:

      I have to question the intentions and accuracy of “M”‘s know-it-all comments. She sounds like a whack job herself.

      Innocent until proven guilty, my friend. They deserve as much.

      1. M says:

        Absolutely innocent until proven guilty. Stay tuned to see if Justice is served in this case. I have faith that it will…especially when all of the details come out.

  4. helen says:

    Yeh!America is a Christian country!That’s for sure!IWhen I hear that somebody claims that he is an hones person because he is a Christian I prefer to stay away from him:BT killer was a priest and Bush liked to talk to his god!Leshchinsky acted according to the bible -read Isaiah -their god is a monster!Christianity is a policy of brutality!

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