DENVER (CBS4) – Homeowners across Colorado can expect to find new property valuations in the mail Monday. And chances are their houses are worth less.

The valuations are done every two years and are based on average sale prices on June 30 of last year.

Residential property values dropped in at least six area counties.

Arapahoe County reports an overall drop of 4.8 percent. Boulder County is down 2.7 percent. Broomfield County saw the smallest drop of just .03 of a percent for residential property. It’s also the smallest county.

Denver’s property values fell 4.8 percent. Douglas County had the steepest drop of nearly 9 percent; and Jefferson County reports the average value of single family homes dropped 2.1 percent.

Homeowners who want to protest the value have until midnight June 1.

  1. ArnoldZiffle TurdServer says:

    New property valuations – chances are their houses are worth LESS (Denver DOWN 4.8%) ???????????????????

    Well of course the City of Denver has accessed my Denver homes’ value as INCREASING 3.5% !?!?!?! Typical BS!! And unless there is an error on your homes’ specific evaluation data, the City makes protesting just a waste of your time. (sound familiar to your prior protest experiences?)

    What the Denver Accessors’ Office needs is to be served a big fat turd called a class action lawsuit!


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