Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – Denver parking managers have fired one of two “vehicle control agents” who they put on the streets to write parking tickets, even though he was never given the special police authorization required to write citations.

According to records obtained by CBS4 under an open records act request, the Department of Public Works notified parking Agent Paul Lucero March 3 that he was being fired effective March 5.

“This is official notification that you have failed to pass employment probation for your position as Parking Meter Collector,’ reads the letter, signed by the director of the Right Of Way Enforcement Division.

The city provides no reason why it axed Lucero, noting that since he was a probationary worker he could be terminated at any time with no right to appeal.

A CBS4 investigation in February revealed that Lucero wrote 694 parking tickets after he was hired in 2010, even though the city never gave him the certification it requires to write tickets. (Full Story) Numerous lawyers argued that tickets Lucero wrote were not valid and should be voided since he had no legal authorization.

The city rejected those arguments saying all tickets Lucero wrote would stand and there would be no refunds.

Comments (4)
  1. INeverPay TheMeters says:

    “The city rejected those arguments saying all tickets Lucero wrote would stand and there would be no refunds.” …. Typical City of Denver response. What a joke. It would be nice to see a lawsuit filed. As for former Agent Lucero….. sorry to hear your penmanship skills are no longer needed. bye bye

  2. Scofflaw says:

    I worked on East H.S. remodel last summer. We had semi`s parked all over,delivery trucks all day.
    Long story short.. the c%$kers got me a bunch.. I live in Bailey. I ain`t paying!
    the superintendant called the cops, parking, tried to explain.. I took no residents,spaces..Street sweeper violations is what I got ..never saw a street sweeper all summer!

  3. Jim Freilinger says:

    I feel the ones who should be fired are the ones who put him on the street, writing tickets, without authorization. I’m rather curious as to the story behind this story. Those tickets were not legal and the fees should be returned.

  4. hating government already says:

    Who hired Lucero and who gave him the equipment to produce these tickets?? That is the person that hsould be fired!! Human Resources are also supposed to look into the qualifications of an employee, why was this not done? Sounds like “other” City workers should have been fired as well. Why fire an employee of the City for doing the job he was informed to do by his supervisor??? ‘OH, I FORGOT, THIS IS HOW THE CITY WORKS”

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