EDWARDS, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Eagle County are looking for more possible victims of a man accused of sexually assaulting a child.

Alfred Bamberger, 73, is a homeopathic doctor. He’s accused of inappropriate contact with an underage patient at an office in Edwards.

Bamberger was allowed to post bond on Tuesday, but he must stay away from children.

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  1. denvervet says:

    This is a HUGE problem. Seems like every day there is another story about sexaul abuse on a child. I have no idea what is wrong with these people and why they can’t control themselves. We need many many studies done on these people so that maybe we can learn to correct the problem. Its disgusting……..

  2. peggy genoway says:

    Yes. let’s slap him on the wrist and tell him to stay away from kids. Why do you think he will-he won’t. This is like the pediatrician who had filmed himself raping kids-most of them only two years old. The tapes showed him having to give CPR to some after he choked them during oral sex and they passed out. Get real-these people need to be put away and put away for good. This is like transferring a priest-it will do no good and will create more victims.

    1. Sage says:

      How is this like the other you mentioned, other than them both being doctors? Although most like to jump on the torch and pitchfork bandwagon, this guy has been accused and not convicted.

      The HUGE problem with the 24/7 news cycle is that it has created such a lynch mob mentality with anonymous posters. This man is ACCUSED. Just because you can compare it with a similar (in your mind) story, doesn’t make him anymore guilty than the headline does. If he is found guilty then you can be the jailer with the “forever” key. Right now, he is no more guilty than you are.

  3. Reba says:

    Feed him to the bears! Oh wait they already killed them!

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