DENVER (CBS4) – There will be more teachers in the Denver Public Schools next year. The district announced on Tuesday its budget will increase by $10 million.

The district had set aside some money because of concerns about deep cuts in funding from the state, but it seems those will not be as much as first expected. The district also says it has made cuts to its central budget. All of that means $10 million more are going to the city’s schools.

“We want to put our money in our schools. If you look at our budgets this year and next year, 95 percent of our dollars are going directly to schools,” DPS Superintendent Tom Boasberg said.

For Denver, that means a net gain of about 150 teachers for the next school year. That means is a school like East High School will be able to add algebra and geometry classes, reducing those class sizes while still being able to offer electives.


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