DENVER (CBS4) – There’s been a trend in recent months. When the Denver Broncos needed a new leader, they chose the best player to ever wear a Broncos uniform. Now the Colorado Avalanche have gone in the same direction by bringing Super Joe Sakic back to the family.

Time will tell exactly what role Sakic will play in trying to bring the organization back to prominence in the NHL. Sakic talked with CBS4’s Vic Lombardi to talk about what’s ahead for the Avs great and the team.

The first thing Lombardi asked Sakic was if he was going to wear a suit to work every day.

“I had to wear a suit when I played, so why not?” Sakic said while laughing.

When he was hired, Sakic was introduced as executive advisor and alternate governor. Most people don’t know what an alternate governor does.

“I have that title so I get a chance to go to the Board of Governors meetings and learn that business side,” Sakic said. “I’m going to represent the Avalanche at all of those meetings.”

He’s been away from hockey for 2 years now. Lombardi wondered what he’s been doing.

“I relaxed, I rested,” he said. He also said he didn’t get bored. “When you’ve got three kids … you don’t have a lot of down time when you’re with them and I was part of coaching both boys’ hockey teams, so I was pretty busy. Now I’m just going to be a little busier.”

Cleary Sakic didn’t have to take the Avs job for the money, so what was his motivation?

“I wanted to be part of the rebuilding here. Even though I played hockey for 20 years, there’s still part of me; I love the game,” he said. “I was away for a couple years, but I probably watched more Avs games than anybody else.

He said he feels there is a lot he can do to help the young players get better.

“I know what they’re going through. I went through it back in Quebec. I’m hoping that my experience will help the young guys get to that next step quicker.”

The NHL is making money right now and the ratings are up, except in Denver.

“Here’s the deal. You win, people come. We’re lucky — we’re in a big sports town and this is a great hockey market. Obviously you’ve got the Nuggets and they’re doing really well right now. We’re one of four major sports teams and we just have to worry about what we do on the ice. As the team gets better, everybody will come.”


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