LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Security was tight at Southwest Plaza on Thursday morning as the mall opened for business, one day after a bomb scare and evacuation of the building.

Police are continuing to investigate the discovery of a pipe bomb and propane tanks inside on Wednesday. So far no arrests have been made. (Full Story)

Before the mall opened employees of stores had to show badges when they met with security staff and were escorted inside. Each store was then searched closely.

Security was also tight inside the mall.

One employee at the mall told CBS4 she still has concerns about the way the evacuation was handled on Wednesday.

“When you have someone walk in your store and they say ‘You are in immediate danger,’ … you do kind of take it (with shock). We’ve never been told that,” said Corrine Ringleman, who works just below the area where the small fire broke out right before the pipe bomb was found.

Mall management wouldn’t talk to CBS4 about the bomb scare but they did send a memo to mall employees that described what investigators. A store owner who witnessed the fire told CBS4 mall management told him not to talk about the incident. But the store owner said he’s worried it could happen again.

Store owner Larry Juceam wasn’t pleased that investigators asked him to search his own store before opening for business.

“I sell toys for a living. What do I know from pipe bombs?” Juceam said. “The sheriff waits outside until I tell him it’s all clear and then comes into my store? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Shoppers on Thursday were for the most part unfazed.

“I figured they wouldn’t open it if it wasn’t safe,” a shopper said.

Some mall employees told CBS4 they think the suspect is a disgruntled worker.


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