DENVER (CBS4)- Baby chicks can be a popular gift in Easter baskets, but they also come with a warning from the Colorado Department of Health. Baby chicks can be dangerous to both children and the birds.

Chicks are becoming more popular as people organize backyard flocks for eggs.

The owner of Elizabeth Country Corner discourages customers who plan to buy just one as a pet.

“Chickens are very fragile and you don’t want the children to accidentally harm the animal,” said Elizabeth Country Corner owner Mary Harris.

The Colorado Department of Health also said they don’t make good pets because they can carry salmonella.

“Especially young children it’s very risky because you can get very sick and end up in the hospital,” said Alicia Cronquist, an Epidemiologist with the Colorado Dept. of Health.

baby chick Baby Chicks Are Cute, But Pose Health Risk

(credit: CBS)

If you can’t resist cuddling a fluffy chick, Cronquist said to do so with caution. Never kiss or nuzzle a bird and be sure to wash your hands with soap and water or use gel sanitizer.

Health officials recommend stuffed chicks or “Peeps,” the popular Easter candy.

Comments (3)
  1. Paul Chenault says:

    Funny Ive raised thousands of chickens, never once gotten sick. Ive cuddled and kissed them, been pooped on, eaten eggs raw within seconds of being layed. no problem. What makes me sick is the stupid Govt. telling me whats good or bad for me….

  2. Paul Chenault says:

    Health officals recommending candy now thars real healthy

  3. Paul Chenault says:

    And another thing… If you really cared about our health then wheres the rage about how over 1/2 of the meat sold in stores is contaminated with staph resistant bacteria? Oh but thats ok because its big bussiness and the so called health dept. is led by whats healthy for big bussiness not whats healthy for us…

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