DENVER (AP) – A bill to allow video lottery terminals in Colorado has been delayed by a state Senate committee, with no word when the proposal might come back up.

Senate Bill 233 would allow video lottery terminals at two horse tracks, with the proceeds going to higher education. There is no official estimate from the state on how much the gambling terminals could raise, but lawmakers say the video lottery could revive colleges hurt by recent budget cuts.

The Colorado Gaming Association opposes the video lottery, saying it could sap business from existing casinos.

A separate Senate committee approved two bills aimed at boosting K-12 funding. One would devote all unprojected revenue to schools, and the other would create voluntary donations on state income tax forms.

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Comments (3)
  1. Andrew McKay says:

    let it go thru and give the casinos some fair competition!

  2. Darla Ripley says:

    Why is the Colorado Gaming Association favoring casinos over horse racing? Why is the Colorado State Senate allowing this objection to stand?

    Horse racing’s economic benefit is so much more far-reaching than casinos. The horse racing industry supports those in its own business employing tens of thousands, also supports the industries of agriculture, real estate, construction, automotive, and heavy equipment, as well as service industries such as banking, insurance, and retail.

    As a sports entertainment vehicle, horse racing produces much needed tax revenue to the state as well. With VTL’s it will produce that much more.

    When did state laws get re-written allowing favoritism and protection of monopolistic business practices?

    What’s in it for legislators and CGA appointees to act as justified to reject allowing horsemen the same business opportunities the casinos utilize?

    Redeem yourself, Colorado legislators and CGA appointees, let the VLT’s go through.

  3. Brenda Beeman says:

    Stop the unfair favortism. What other business owners are protected to have no competition?

    Colorado desperately needs revenues, and will benefit from the growth of the horse industry which provides jobs, and supports a broad range of other business and services.

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