DILLON, Colo. (CBS4) – The marina at Dillon Reservoir is getting a $2 million makeover, but crews have to move fast before too much snow melts.

“This is a huge project,” said Bob Evans, Dillon Marina Manager.

Crews are working to completely change the face of the area.

“We’re going out about 40 to 50 feet in certain areas; ground that we’ve lost in the last couple of years is kind of slimming the lake,” Evans said.

In thick mud the groundwork is being laid on the marina’s extension. Years of erosion took usable space away from the shoreline. Now heavy machinery is trying to even the score.

“We want to get that service area back so we can move some buildings around for a better experience for our guests,” Evans said.
space Dillon Marina Getting A $2M Makeover

Lake Dillon is still locked in ice and the water is also very low. The work needs to finish by May 3 so boats can be back in the reservoir by Memorial Day.

“I’m doing everything I can right now humanly possible in my powers to make sure the marina opens up on our scheduled date.”

Dillon hopes by the time they are finished they can add twice as many boats to the marina.


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