ERIE, Colo. (CBS4) – Formal charges may be filed this week against an Erie man suspected of planting a webcam in his neighbor’s home.

gordon schumacher Woman Describes Confrontation With Neighbor After Webcam Discovery

Gordon Schumacher (credit: Erie Police)

Gordon Schumacher, 35, faces charges of second degree burglary and unlawful sexual contact in the case.

Nicole Bernard described to CBS4 the frightening discovery of the cam and then the confrontation she had with the man who apparently was responsible.

Police say a wireless webcam was stashed in Bernard’s bedroom. Bernard told police she had stumbled upon it when she turned off computer speakers.

After the discovery Bernard, who is single, says she called police. She was so scared someone might be watching her that she then grabbed a knife, her dog and fled her home for a parking lot.

After a sleepless night in her car she returned home, only to find her neighbor who lives next door knocking on her front door.

“He just stood there and he started shaking. He just looked at me and said ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was me,'” she said.

“He confessed?” CBS4’s Howard Nathan asked.

“Yes, he confessed.”

“Your reaction?” Nathan asked.

“I started screaming at him: ‘How could you think I was not going to see this camera?’ He just stood there and said, ‘I’m sorry, sorry, I’m so sorry. I know I have a problem. I haven’t done this in a really long time.’ And that was a shocker for me, too.”

Police arrested Schumacher soon afterwards and formal charges may be filed this week.

Bernard said she has a temporary restraining order against her neighbor and will be seeking a permanent one this week.

CBS4 was unsuccessful in attempts to contact Schumacher or his wife.

Comments (10)
  1. John says:

    Another dumb woman who thinks a restraining order will have any effect at all. Time to go shopping for a gun and a CCW permit, chicka.

    1. smartyman says:

      I agree with John, buy a gun.. And for the moron getting on Johns back.. the gun is for when she wakes up with him standing over her.

  2. Jack says:

    Just curios John, How could a gun would have helped her in this case and still kept her out of the jail?

  3. ChristopherK says:

    A gun is more effective at stopping people who enter your unlawfully than a restraining order. Having a permit for the gun keeps her out of jail. Was that so hard, Jack?

    1. UberConan says:

      He said in this case, not in the future after the restraining order was in place. In this case she never saw him in her house, so she couldn’t very well have shot him when he set the camera up.

  4. pat says:

    It seems like this was solved in a totally non-violent way without gun. Please explain how anything about this story would be better or turned out differently with guns. How about instead of a gun she get a decent alarm system.

  5. Longmonster says:

    Because a gun is the American way! More violence is the ONLY way to solve this problem!!

    Ever notice those advocating gun usage have NEVER had to use it in a self defense manner? All brave and tough till the that very second…

  6. Dre says:

    I am thankful for everyday that someone does not try to break into my house and harm me or my loved ones. However, I do have a firearm in the event that I will need to defend myself or my family. It is just like having a fire extinguisher ready in the event that there is a fire. If people choose to keep weapons for defense then I don’t see anything wrong with this. In Nicole’s case, being armed would not have resolved this issue with Gordon any better than it already did, but owning a gun in case he (or some creep for that matter) decides to break in and have his way with her will at least allow her the opportunity to defend herself much more effectively that a restraining order. Make My Day Law FTW.

  7. J S says:

    I’ve known him for a long time. I can’t imagine why he’d do such a thing and he was obviously overwhelmed with guilt and chose to confess. I suspect if any part of this behavior was normal for him, he’d have gotten away with it.

    For my friend, perhaps two mistakes where made. First the crime, second the confession. I can only hope his victim and the judge take this into consideration.

  8. Bldrgirl says:

    I knew him years ago, and he was accused by a mutual friend of peeping in hew windows back then. He’s obviously dealing with some serious problems.

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