DENVER (CBS4) – There are 5,929 children in foster care. Hundreds of them are hoping that someday they’ll find a family they can call their own. For one little boy, finding a forever family completely changed his life.

Elijah was just 3-years-old when he was in foster care and met his adoptive parents. Tony and Trish remember him as being very shy, but also interested in books, and having a hard time walking. The couple describes him as being very timid, not even wanting to go outside when they first brought him into their homes.

“He’s really come a long, way … a long way,” Trish told CBS4.

In the two years that Elijah has been with Trish and Tony, he’s completely blossomed. He’s come out of his shell in more ways than one. He’s friendly and outgoing. He loves to play outside and climb trees. But the thing you remember most of Elijah is his sweet disposition.

“It always feels good when you can parent and see your children gain strides,” Trish said.

The couple couldn’t have children biologically and wanted to build a family through adoption. That’s exactly what they’ve done – they started with Samaiah, 6, then added Elijah, 5, and recently added Malachi, 15 months. They never hesitated about adding older children to the mix.

“Age isn’t going to bother me because I know I can pour my life into them and that’s okay,” said Tony.

This couple sees every day the emotion and physical benefits of adoption, and hopes other couples will give it some consideration.

“Better to have brought them in and loved them and gone through all the heartache it can bring than to not have done it all,” Trish said.

The Adoption Exchange served nearly 1500 children in the foster care system last year, they were able to find forever families for 446 of them.

Additional Resources

– You can get more information about adoption or make a donation by going to The Adoption Exchange website.

SECTION: Wednesday’s Child Videos

— Written for the Web by CBS4 Special Projects Producer Libby Smith


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