EDGEWATER, Colo. (CBS4) – Eleven people were taken into custody in Edgewater early Tuesday after a scary incident involving an automatic weapon.

Police say residents in the neighborhood just west of Sloan’s Lake called 911 at about 12:30 a.m. and said they heard shots in or near a home.

When police arrived at the scene, close to 20th and Marshall, someone opened fire on police with a semi-automatic weapon. At one point several officers were pinned down by round after round of gunfire from the gun for 25 minutes.

Police cut the power to the area to help get the officers out of the situation.

Authorities said they believe the person who was doing the firing was Lupo Solazzo, 26.

No one was injured, but it certainly gave nearby residents a big scare.

“At about 12:43 or so all hell broke loose. It was total firing. It was like a war zone. It seemed to go on for more than half hour. It seemed to last more like an hour to an hour and a half,” said neighbor Glenn Inskeep.

Solazzo now faces eight counts of attempted murder and three counts of child abuse after three babies were found inside one of the homes.

Comments (9)
  1. Raul Gomez-Garcia says:

    They`re just here to feed “La Familia”

    1. John Mundt says:

      What moron wrote this article?

      01. The last line of the third paragraph is a bit ignorant. Thank you for stating the obvious. “At one point several officers were pinned down by round after round of gunfire from the gun”. Well I don’t know of too many other weapons that might employ the term “gun fire” to describe their action. At least you got the ‘subject, verb, noun’ part correct.
      02. Let’s take a look at fifth paragraph. “It isn’t clear who fired the rounds,…”, followed by “…but authorities said one of the people taken in for question was the person who was doing the firing”. How can this be? We either know, or we don’t.

      I could go on, but these two points were the main reasons I felt compelled to write my comment.

  2. Earl hickey says:

    I see a “ag trespaas ” plea bargain in someones future.

  3. Barry Soetoro says:

    Welcome to “Sanctuary” Denver.

  4. Michelle says:

    as long as U.S. Thai is still up and running I don’t care…..

  5. RFRMan says:

    Barry, do you know something more than what’s in the story or just saying that out of ignorance and has nothing to do with the story?

    1. Barry Soetoro says:

      Read the other feeds..7 newsEtc.. I`ll take odds.. on the citizenship of these folks.. you game ? or you just like to run your mouth on the net?

      1. bira44 says:

        I’ll go with you and the odds here, Barry … eleven people in the house (multiple families); three infants (anchor babies); the firing of an AK-47 that in volleys up to 11 shots (means a lot of ammo and clips and most likely not just semi-automatic) …
        kind of sounds like a Saturday night in Juarez to me.

  6. actusreus says:

    You are correct RFR, nothing out there yet to go by. I just read the 7 News feed to which Barry refers. Nothing about national origin or ethnicity of the parties there. However, if I had to put money sight unseen, I wouldn’t bet against Barry.

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