Fireworks Found Near Home That Caught On Fire

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – Two firefighters who were hurt in a blaze Sunday morning in Arvada will spend at least a day or two in the hospital.

The fire started in the overnight hours and destroyed two houses. It broke out at a rental home at 6555 Union Street after neighbors reported hearing fireworks and a loud explosion. Winds then spread the fire to the home next door.

Both firefighters got burns “to their upper extremities” and are expected to survive.

For a short time 15 homes were evacuated as a precaution while Xcel Energy shut down gas lines in the area.

Investigators said they recovered bottle rocket fireworks in the street that had been set off. It wasn’t immediately clear if they were related to the blaze.

The six people who lived in the first home and two who lived in the second home got out okay.

The couple who lived in the second house are permanent, long-term residents of the neighborhood.

Neighbors said the residents of the first house were having a barbecue party Saturday night.

Additional Resources

The Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation has started a fund to help the firefighters who were hurt. Donations can be made to:

Colorado Professional Fire Fighters Foundation ATTN: Arvada Fire Fighters
2342 Broadway
Denver, CO 80205

Comments (9)
  1. Jamie says:

    Where’s the help and assistance for the residents. Red cross hasn’t even contact them! Please research your facts before you let the general population think that everyone is taken care of and being helped out! Their close friends are the ones who have stepped up and are assisting these parents and their children!! I personal have been with my good friends throughout this sad and emotional experience!

  2. Rikki S says:

    I didn’t see anywhere in thsi article that either family was receiving any assistance at all. It only mentions how to make a donation to the firefighters.

    When are people going to learn about the dangers of these “harmless” fireworks? Every year thousands of people are injured or killed along with millions of dollars to property all because of these noise and fire makers. Why not save your money, your health and your property and enjoy the public displays?

    1. Jamie says:

      As I was stating the media should do research before they air incorrect info! We did not light off any fireworks!

      1. Rikki S says:

        The media did not make anything up. They aired an interivewed with one of the evacuated neighbors, Susan McBranty, as well as an Arvada Fire Department spokeman, Scott, Pribble. Mr. Pribble did not say that fireworks were the cause, only that there had been a report of people hearing fireworks.

  3. Joe S. says:

    It sure seems to me that these people are pointing the finger with no leg to stand on. I got the story straight from one of the occupants, just because people are spending time with friends and BBQ’ing does not mean they are at fault. It would be wise of you all to simmer down until the investigation determines the cause. Lastly, everyone in these homes lost significantly, regardless of the cause.

  4. Roger says:

    When the area / County is on RED FLAG WARNING and open fires and none gas grills are in use and left un watched during high winds WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN?????

  5. Chainz says:

    I live right there and I can tell you the truth
    There was a drunken party!
    not just friends getting together!
    I have seen the ones that started the fire and they show now remorse at all.
    They were screaming and yelling all night long
    they showed no respect fror their neibors and still don’t.

  6. G says:

    Mainly for Jamie: Speaking of checking your facts… I was THERE and the Red Cross AND victims advocates were there to help EVERYONE – they were there for hours making sure everyone who needed help got it. You obviously have access to a computer..maybe your energy could be better used actually contacting the red cross and explaining that your friends fled the scene and had no insurance rather than attacking and spreading rumors. The police were called by more than 2 neighbors about the ‘friend get together’ ( I agree with Chainz- Drunken Party!) Fireworks were found on site along with the multiple BBQ’s and all these people have done is swear up and down it isn’t their fault – if they truly cared they would worry about those burned out of their home – not about being blamed for it – ever heard ‘Me thinks thou doest protest too much’? What happened to caring about your neighbors? The fire inspectors will do their job and we will all know exactly what happened, until then I would recommend keeping your useless comments to yourself.

  7. HRSanders says:

    Very first-class blog.Thanks Again. Need more.

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