DENVER (CBS4)- The Colorado woman, married to a man presumed killed by a Mexican drug cartel, campaigned to get his body returned home. Tiffany Hartley took her campaign to the state Capitol on Wednesday.

David Hartley disappeared six months ago while the couple was jet skiing on Falcon Lake, which is cut in half by the U.S./Mexico border. Tiffany said armed men on boats opened fire on them, killing David.

hartley Woman Campaigns To Get Husbands Body Returned Home

Tiffany and David Hartley (photo credit: the Hartley family)

Tiffany hosted a rally at the state Capitol to urge U.S. authorities to keep the investigation going in Mexico. Hartley said it’s hard not having her husband’s body home. That is part of her goal.

“I believe in my heart that he will be found one day, but they’re too afraid of the cartel which rightfully they should be. But at the same time I don’t feel like our U.S. officials are doing much to make sure that Mexican authorities are on top of the case,” said Hartley.

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo joined Hartley at the state Capitol. He said lawmakers need to represent their constituents and make their voices heard.

“Add your voice to ours. Will you please talk to the government, will you please talk to your friends in the White House, to your people in the State Department, to your friends at Homeland Security. Please ask them to do something about this tragedy,” said Tancredo.

Zapata County Sheriff Sigy Gonzalez announced last month that there were approximately seven suspects that have been identified in the case. Gonzalez said he believes the suspects are members of a Mexican drug cartel.

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    If it was the guy who came back with that ridiculous story saying his wife was shot by pirates and was never seen again, the guy would be under arrest immediately and would be facing murder charges. Tiff needs the death penalty imo.

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