westword1 CBS4 Wins Several Best Of Denver Awards

Westword's Best of Denver 2011 edition (credit: Westword)

DENVER (CBS4) – Westword has honored CBS4 with three selections in this year’s edition of its “Best Of” awards.

The weekly newspaper’s Best Of edition — now in its 28th year — is a whopping 204 pages long and is arguably the most impactful awards list in the city. On pages 19 and 20, in the “People & Places” listings, Channel 4 pops up with these three awards:

Best TV Anchor: Jim Benemann … The paper refers to Benemann’s style with glowing words, saying he “reminds us why newscasts were set up with an anchor desk in the first place.”

Best TV Sportscaster: Vic Lombardi … This isn’t the first time Lombardi has won this award, and we certainly can’t argue with the paper as they say “Lombardi is developing into something of a local faceman for this town’s teams.” They also praise his “effective ‘Vic’s Signature’ commentaries,” which you can view online at CBSDenver.com/Lombardi.

Best Hair on a TV Personality – Female: Karen Leigh … This silly category seems to be quite the popular one for Westword — it shows up in the edition each year and is broken down into a female and a male category (Ed Greene and Gloria Neal are former winners). This time around Karen lands at the top. “Leigh’s luxurious, lustrous locks seem as suited to a beauty-pageant contestant as they do to a news anchor, but viewers have clearly flipped for her long, grown-out flip,” the newspaper wrote. (Visit Karen’s blog.)

karen leigh CBS4 Wins Several Best Of Denver Awards

Westword artist Kenny Be's depiction of Karen Leigh, winner of Best Hair 2011 (credit: Westword)

Check out this year’s complete awards at Westword.com/BestOf, and for more great recommendations, check out CBSDenver.com’s Top Spots lists.

Comments (3)
  1. Number 6 says:

    What were the people who voted Benemann and Lombardi best of’s smoking?

    Benemann is annoying with his Forrest Gump personality, and Lombardi should team up with Dave Aguilera to sell used cars at a Buy-Here-Pay-Here car lot. Lombardi is such an arrogant jerk.

    Tom Mustin should have got the best male anchor for Channel 4.

  2. Earl Hickey says:

    What about best “pole smoker”? Chris Parente?

  3. Number 6 says:

    Best dressed dame is Kathy Sabine.

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