DENVER (CBS4) – There is now a way to enjoy the game of golf and go green.

Aaron Laduke of BYOB Eco Golf stopped by CBS4 studios to talk about the program. BYOB stands for “Bring Your Own Ball.” The programs is looking for people to help go to golf courses and clean up the golf balls that are left to harm the environment.

Watch Laduke’s interview in the video below.

Comments (5)
  1. Aaron LaDuke says:

    Thanks!! Check out for more info

  2. Albert says:

    Such a great salesman Aaron, congrats! People of ECOBIOBALL ( send you our regards from Barcelona (Spain)

  3. Joe MacDonough says:

    Believe it or not I turned this into a business in Upstate NY and bring special tools to make the collection infinitely easier.

    1. Aaron LaDuke says:

      hey joe send me some contact info

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