DENVER (CBS4) – Most Denver city employees will only be working 3 days this week because of a holiday and a furlough day.

Most offices and the city court system will be closed Monday because of the Cesar Chavez holiday. Parking meters will be free and no trash will be collected.

On Friday most city workers have their second unpaid furlough day of the year. Many city and county offices will be closed again, but parking meters will be enforced.

City golf courses will be open both days, but recreation centers will be closed.

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  1. S says:

    Cesar Chavez Day?????!!!! Give me a f’ing break :/

  2. Yup says:

    Is he the dude that makes frozen burritos?

  3. White says:

    So the voters voted it down as a state holiday (good)but the city decides to give a paid day off when the budgets are so tight. Great business decision. Glad I don’t live in Denver!

  4. kendallpeak says:

    When is Fidel Castro Day?

  5. denvervet says:

    I remember the boycott he organized in California. My mother would not buy lettuce in support (in NJ). Millions of women supported the boycott which brought about change. Shows the power of boycotting. We should do more boycotting. Start with Safeway, record profits and extremely high prices if you ask me, also their employee’s are working without a contract for over a year. Not a consumer-friendly or employee-friendly store. As for having a city holiday for Caesar, I’ll leave that decision to others.

  6. madre says:

    Didn’t support the switch, but this isn’t an “additional” holiday for city employees. Basically, the city stopped observing Columbus Day several years ago, and substituted Cesar Chavez day.

    City employees are not paid for required furlough days, which are mandatory for most employyes. The cost savings is meant to help the budget crunch.

  7. SteveB says:

    A paid day off…must be nice.

  8. R. Clendenning says:

    A Mexican Holiday in Denver , Colorado , U.S.A.
    The loss of our nation.
    The USA of MEXICO .

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