DENVER (AP) – An impairment standard for drivers using medical marijuana has won final approval in the Colorado House

The House backed the bill on Wednesday, sending it on to the Senate.

The bill sets a blood-content threshold to charge marijuana users with driving under the influence.

The bill says drivers are impaired if they have a THC level of 5 nanograms or more per milliliter in their blood. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana

That level that has angered some medical marijuana users but it would the most liberal in statute in the country.

The House approved the standard 51-14 Wednesday, sending the bill to the Senate.

House Bill 1261

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Comments (4)
  1. Marc Langston says:

    And yet nobody has shown that it has any affect on your ability to drive. It does not, and I will prove it on any driving course anyone wants to set up. There is no crime, because their is no “impairment”. It is not a hard drug, like alchohol. Driving under the influence of caffine should also be a crime if driving stoned is, they are pretty much identical levels of “impairment”.

    I would fight this in court if ticketed. There is no “impairment” of the ability to drive, so no crime has been committed. I will prove it on any driving course anyone wants to set up.

  2. xIsamu says:

    It’s not as bad, but there is a skill loss in driving high vs driving drunk. I’d prolly equate it to driving with a really annoying person next to you. Now getting distracted because you’re singing along to The Doors *because* you’re high…

  3. Marc Langston says:

    Not really, xlsamu. The reality is that it has no effect at all on the driving skills of a regular user. Someone who only occsionally smokes marijuana is probably about as you describe. A first time user might not be able to safely drive, but it still would not be near as dangerous as driving drunk.

    But a regular user, who will fail the test they are talking about even if they haven’t smoked any weed in weeks, is not affected at all. And I will prove it on any course anyone wants to set up.

    Another big issue, of course, is that the test for marijuana doesn’t ask the question ” are you stoned now” it asks the question “have you had a sinlge hit in the last 3 months”. It’s rediculous, and will never hold up in court. Everyone’s defense will be “yes… I took a few hits a week ago, but it had no effect on my ability to drive a week later.”

  4. DUI's Suck says:

    The test is blood based. Virtually no one should show hot after 24 hrs. and you should be well below the 5 nanograms in 4-8 hrs for even heavy smokers. It sucks, but I don’t think it’s as bad now that I’ve read a little more about it. Only one other state has the level set as high as 5 nanograms. It was obvious something was going to be done whether it impairs you or not, it is still an illegal substance right now unless you have a medical issue. Be thankful they’re not asking you to verify that.

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