DENVER (CBS4)- The Sawaya Law Firm is offering free cab fares for people who need a ride home on St. Patrick’s Day because they drank too much.

The free cab ride program extends through the weekend, Sunday, March 20. Call a cab, pay the driver and send your bill to the Sawaya Law Firm. They’ll reimburse you.

Their goal is to save lives by preventing drinking and driving. The Sawaya Law Firm spends about $75,000 a year on the free cab fare program.

Attorney Michael Sawaya said the program is personal to him, which is why he started it four years ago.

“I had a sister who died in a car accident where alcohol was involved, so I know how hard it is for people who have an event in a car with alcohol,” said Sawaya.

To take advantage of the program, you must be 21 years or older to participate. The program is good for a one-way fare, up to $35.

“I knew about the program ahead of time, so I planned accordingly. Took a cab that night with my friends and was able to take advantage of the program,” said program participant Abigail Eichhorn.

Comments (3)
  1. linda shomberg says:

    When is the last time a cabbie gave you a receipt? I travel to NYC and I have never heard of a “receipt”. Good luck with that. If you did get one, what is the obligation with the Sawaya law firm? I would love to hear from people who have actually tried this, and were compensated without any obligation. If it is not an advertisement, thanks Sawaya Law Firm.

  2. Diana Marie says:

    It is standard practice for a cab driver to give you a receipt after they swipe your credit or debit card, I have never had to ask for one before. I travel often too, and when I pay with cash I get a receipt so I can track my expenses. I participated in the Holiday Free Cab Ride Program over New Years and was mailed a reimbursement check- no questions asked. This is a legit program, the Sawaya Law Firm has not gained anything from me. (Except positive reviews)

  3. Jacob Mitchell says:

    I can tell you there is no obligation with the program. I called the law firm and told themn I was sending everyone from my party home in cabs, and submitting the receipts, and they said great! Well pay for it. And they did. They never even called me, and when my check came in there was a really nice letter that thanked me for participating and keeping the roads safe.

    I say kudos to the Sawaya Law Firm, and this guy Mike, He has been doing this for years and I am sure it has made a difference to a lot of people.

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