DENVER (CBS4)- Colorado lawmakers are debating a bill that would allow full-strength beer on the shelves of grocery and convenience stores. Right now, full-strength beer is only sold at liquor stores.

Many local liquor store owners claim half their business comes from beer sales and that those sales would be lost if the bill passes.

“In an economy like this, Colorado does not need to lose more jobs and this bill would lose jobs,” said Morgan’s Liquors owner Jim Archibald.

Rep. Larry Liston, R-Colorado Springs, is the sponsor of this year’s bill. He said it would allow liquor stores to sell food and low-strength beer.

“They have nothing to fear and a lot to gain,” said Liston.

Similar measures have failed at the state Capitol for four years in a row.

Colorado is one of only five states that has laws dictating which stores can sell what type of beer.

Comments (7)
  1. Rick says:

    If Liston thinks liquor have soooo much to gain, why are the c-stores and grocery stores trying to hard to gain beer sales? Does Colorado really want minors selling beer to other minors? Slushies and beer? Really?

  2. chuck Herman says:

    I now live in Arizona, which allows full liquor sales in grocery and any other stores, you cannot find a liquor store, only walmart safeway, etc. which can sell anything. is this where Colorado is headed?

  3. Denver dude says:

    Wow a debate who is able to pedal the last legal drug. I guess as always who is deeper in the pocket will win this battle. What’s next who can sell crack on what corner? Then how much should we tax the dealer?

  4. grumpiestoldman says:

    You losers can’t buy beer in a grocery store?
    And Denver Dude, it’s peddle, not pedal, moron.

    1. Denver dude says:

      Moron? Maybe so. Putting a up a picture of myself going bald……well that would be you. Instead of being rude to people might I suggest you google hair plugs or maybe rogain. Knowing a solution is out there for male balding might make you less “grumpy”

      1. grumpiestoldman says:

        That just shows your ignorance. My profile picture is a well known celebrity. I think I’ll go home and have an ice beer, (%5 alcohol) that I bought at our local grocery store.
        How did the Broncos do last year?

  5. Seth says:

    Just leave the way it is. Keep the jobs and profits in Colorado instead of spreading profit to somewhere else. We have liquor stores every corner of our town. There is no need for more. Keep supporting small businesses. If C-stores wants to sell liquors and beers, they can always open another liquor stores.

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