DENVER (CBS4) – Much of Japan’s industry is shut down because of damage from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. Those impacts are starting to be felt in the United States.

Toyota is one of just many companies impacted. Colorado-based Chronicle Graphics is also affected.

Chronicle Graphics produces project management software. Its Japanese distributor has been affected by the disaster. Like much of Japan its power has been affected and workers are unable to get to the office.

“Today we were all set to launch our new Japanese website,” Safford Black with Chronicle Graphics said.

The launch never happened.

“With the effects of the last week the entire schedule has been pushed out weeks if not months,” Black said.
space Colorado Businesses Feel Impact From Japan Disaster

On a much larger scale is the Japanese auto industry. Plants have been shut down temporarily. But while many Japanese cars are manufactured in the U.S., parts may come Japan. The Prius is 100 percent produced in that country.

Visit for the latest on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

David Thomson is the director of global development for Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade. He has no plans to cancel a mission to Japan planned for May.

“It’s unfortunate that the circumstance happened, but any crisis like this, there is going to be some relevance to business,” Thompson said.

Industrial Cooling Solutions in Lakewood has an office in Japan. The company makes cooling towers. While the short-term outlook may be cloudy, it realizes Japan will have to rebuild.

While the thoughts now are primary for the victims of this disaster, the businesses that were destroyed will rise again.

It has been called the worst devastation since World War II and Colorado business is ready to help.

Link: Ways To Help


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