AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – People are used to buying meat by the pound, but now clothes, shoes and toys can be bought by the pound as well.

Goodwill stores offer second-hand items for low prices. But now Goodwill has outlet stores in Aurora and Westminster which makes items in their other stores look pricey.

Customers have to be diggers to do well at the Goodwill outlet store.

“I found a Prada bag inside another backpack and I paid $1.49 for it,” a woman said.

Serine Shannon scrounged for antique books which she checks on a phone app to see how much she can make reselling them online.

“Usually through Amazon, sometimes I sell them locally,” Shannon said.
space Buy Clothes, Shoes And Toys By The Pound

It’s wise to be there at the top of the hour when new merchandise is rolled out.

“We sell it at the flea market — $300, $400 every weekend,” a man said.

The items are paid for by the pound. A scale weighs a shopper’s cart.

“The idea is to get the most out of every donation we get and prevent things going into the landfill,” Jeni Anderson with Goodwill said.

A brand new Banana Republic skirt was just a quarter.

It isn’t for everyone and there is a lot of junk to sift through, but pound-for-pound there’s nowhere cheaper in the city.


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