BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) — The Lefthand Canyon Fire is 60 percent contained. All have been lifted. The wildfire has burned 400 acres since it broke out in the foothills west of Boulder Friday morning.

Officials say they focused Saturday on strengthening and extending their containment lines around the blaze in Lefthand Canyon. The remaining evacuees were allowed to return home at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Fire officials said the fire is human caused, but have not released any additional details as the investigation continues. One air tanker and a helicopter were being used in addition to 150 firefighters on the Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Firefighters started setting back burns on Lefthand Canyon Drive from Olde Stage to the target practice area Friday evening. Heavy smoke was visible as a result of this fire suppression effort.

Subdivisions north of Lake of the Pines, including Lake of the Pines, were reopened at 4:40 p.m. Friday. The evacuation area from Geer Canyon to Highway 36 is reopened and residents are being allowed back into that area.

dscn0704 Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Darryl Saegert of Boulder took this photo of the fire from near the Boulder Reservoir on March 11.

The fire is burning about 3.5 miles up Lefthand Canyon Road in thick brush.

Twelve homes and six other buildings were threatened, but none have been Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

“The firefighters did construct a couple of back burns to eliminate some of the fuel between homes and the fire that’s burning. By doing the back burns they can burn towards the fire and when the fire gets to that burned area it can stop because there is no more fuel to ignite,” said U.S. Forest Service spokeswoman Maribeth Pecotte.

slurry drop Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

An air tanker dropped slurry over the Lefthand Canyon Fire Friday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

An air tanker dropped fire retardant and a helicopter dropped water on the fire Saturday.

The Red Flag Warning for the area expired at 6 p.m. Friday.

Watch a news conference with a briefing from the U.S. Forest Service below. space Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Link: Boulder County Office of Emergency Management Fire Info

lefthand fire night Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

YouReporter Sarah Smith took this photo from eastern Boulder County Friday night. (credit: Sarah Smith)

lefthand canyon fire Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Copter4 flew over the Lefthand Canyon Fire Friday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

lefthand canyon Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

The fire burning in Lefthand Canyon Friday afternoon. (credit: CBS)

space Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

boulder fire jim rettew red cross Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Jim Rettew with the Red Cross took this photo of the fire on Friday March 11.

001 1 Lefthand Canyon Wildfire 60 Percent Contained

Bud Clifford of Boulder took this photo of the wildfire in Boulder on March 11 from Davidson Mesa in East Boulder.

Earlier on Friday firefighters were battling a wildfire on about 3 acres of open land near Lyons. One home was evacuated for a short time. That fire was completely extinguished by 5:30 p.m. Friday.

Strong winds along with dry weather have increased the Front Range fire danger. A red flag warning was in effect through 6 p.m.

The fire danger along the Front Range was listed at Moderate to Very High for March 11, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

Link: Wildfire Resources

Comments (13)
  1. Brian says:

    It was an area of a controlled burn just days ago…maybe they didn’t quite put things out like they tell us to do

  2. Warner says:

    I wonder if this is the huge plume of smoke you can see now from just north of boulder in the hills. I can see actual flames from superior, or could before the smoke got too thick…

  3. Jeanne says:

    This is a new fire in Boulder Canyon that you are seeing.

    1. Ed says:

      Jeanne, please identify your source of info of a fire in Boulder Canyon. You may be spreading rumors.

      1. Raymond says:

        Jeanne and Ed. 1 fire currently burning in Lefthand Canyon. This is per Boulder County OEM.

  4. Snow says:

    very strong smoke in Longmont

  5. Working in Longmont says:

    So there’s THREE fires? One by Lyons, one in Lefthand Canyon, and one in Boulder Canyon?

  6. Raymond says:

    There is 1 fire activly burning in Boulder County it is in Lefthand Canyon. Listening to the radio traffic it sounds like the fire is growing. Initial attack occuring with resources from ARF, Boulder County, and various VFD’s. Left Hand Canyon closed. Fire is about 31/2 miles up canyon. Evacuation advisories in place for the immediate vicintiy. Area is under a Red Flag today, and the foothills are experiencing very strong winds.

  7. Adrianne says:

    Are these some of the same people that were evacuated back in Sept?

    1. raymond says:

      Yes they are.

    2. Coury says:

      Actually this is further north from the Four Mile Canyon area.

  8. Warner says:

    I started seeing the smoke around 10:20 or so. Nothing much at first, I thought, maybe somebody burning trash. By 10:45 or so it was clear it wasn’t so minor. By 11:00 I could see the flames. Now at 1:00 I don’t see any flames, but the smoke is coming up off the entire length of left-hand canyon. I’d hate to be up there right now…

  9. jb80538 says:

    Human caused……Someone burning a ditch or throwing a cigarette butt out? Just curious…If it’s acigarette butt, the fine needs to be about a million dollars for tossing a butt out of a car! I see it every day and want to choke the life out of the people I see tossing cigarette butts out of a car on my way to work every day! Out it out in your cara ash tray and if your car doesn’t have an ash tray, swallow it!

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