GRAND LAKE, Colo. (CBS4) – Officials with Colorado’s Division of Wildlife are trying to spread the word about the problems associated with a new kind of moose encounter that apparently has become popular.

Some snowmobilers have recently started posting videos on YouTube and other online channels of them harassing the moose, coming up close and forcing them to run away. One video shows a moose being tailed in the snow by the machine and running at top speed.

The videos have been made in multiple locations but one is Grand Lake near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Division of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton told CBS4 that in addition to being dangerous for the snowmobilers, the encounters can be quite harmful to the animals.

“For winter moose store up a lot of body fat,” Hampton said. “By making them run like this, it burns it up. They may need that energy and may not have enough to survive the winter and die.”

moose Wildlife Officials Warn Snowmobilers To Stop Harassing Moose

Division of Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton views one of the videos. (credit: CBS)

Hampton said that because moose don’t fear humans like elk or deer, there’s a chance they might charge at people that harrass them in any way.

“We’ve got to do something before someone gets hurt, or before animals die,” he said. “Moose are going to do what they need to survive.”

One place wildlife officials will be focusing on with their educational campaign is snowmobile rental shops. There they will ask employees to remind customers that such behavior isn’t okay.

Anyone caught harassing a wild animal can be fined, and the costs shoot up if an animal is injured.

Comments (10)
  1. Carl says:

    Please research the incident at University of Alaska – Anchorage. Some kids were harassing a moose outside an office building. Later, a professor left the building not knowing the moose was outside or that it had been harassed. He was attacked and died in the incident. Wildlife must be respected.

  2. Anita says:

    How sad. Nothing better to do than harrass wildlife for your own “moment of fame” Stupid humans. At the end of the day hope you have an education.

    Hope we can stop them from ruining it for everyone else who enjoys the natural beauty. Why would you harm wildlife?

    Need to police the back country and report them.

  3. Jane says:

    Why not ask for input from the community someone has got to have information, if someone can harass an animal…signs of a bully imagine what they can put a fellow human being through.
    If the police can’t take care of it…hopefully Karma will…..she hates ugly!

  4. M.Alana says:

    PLEASE stop these ‘JERKS/MORANS” and fine them heavily!!! Winter is such a devastating time for wildlife. They need all of their energy just to survive. What idiots!!!!!!!! If the snowmobile rental places don’t rein this in, they will all be put out of business. How can so many people not love our wildlife? We need to get this widely publicized, so anyone hiking, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing can turn these morans in.

  5. bkindle says:

    This absolutly disgusts me. Why would anyone think that this is funny? And people wonder why some fight against having snowmobiles in the backcountry

  6. GoodGuy says:

    bkindle – Not all snowmobilers are like this. In fact most are on their toes because the general group gets blamed for stuff like this. Incidents like these need to be handled as individuals not as anyone who rides a snowmobile. It is sick what they did.

  7. Linda Rockhold says:

    I wish that I was up there, time to use snowmobilers for target practice. Harming wildlife is cruel and ignorant.

    1. snowmobiler that lovs moose says:

      its ignorant to think all snowmobilers behave in this way. maybe we should just use any group of people we disagree with and line em up and shout them oh wait what happens when someone doesnt like what im doing?

  8. Bob Peters says:

    Moose are the most dangerous animal there is in the wild: their size, their agressiveness, and their lack of fear of the puny human. Oh sweet Mother Nature, why not bless us with footage of the moose that fights back!? The chorus of laughter that would ripple through the forest as the 1000 pound moose stomps Billy Badass into a pulp, and then tramples his little winter toy, would be so worth it.

  9. Eileen says:

    This event is abhorrent and senseless. Moose are very cool creatures to “watch from a distance.” The violaters here are criminals and bullys. Remember, moose were in the forest long before humans who should respect wildlife and tread lightly in their territory. Snowmobiles are very obnoxious and the drivers need to practice humility in nature’s’ back yard. I hope this moose was not killed or injured and had a chance to defend itself and give the offender a power kick.

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