Written by Meteorologist Jennifer Zeppelin

Clouds can tell us a lot about what’s going on with our weather right now or what might be on the way.

Cloud formations like cumulus, cirrus and stratus can tell us a lot about our weather conditions — so you don’t really need to be a meteorologist to look at the clouds and come up with a possible forecast. 

CIRRUS:  They are high level clouds that are wispy and feathery. They are  found above 20,000 feet or above. (Generally that mean a storm system is approaching and could arrive within the next 24 to 48 hours)

STRATUS: are flat clouds that look layered and can produce rain and snow. They are found around 6,000 feet or below.

CUMULUS: are white and fluffy they have the appearance of a cotton ball (these clouds mean we could see a  fair weather day or a day filled with afternoon and evening storms)


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