DENVER (CBS4) – What does the nation’s taste in wine say about the state of the economy? A lot more than most might think. There’s a connection between what’s bought in local wine shops and the national economy.

If that theory is true, what Americans are sipping these days suggests the economy is getting stronger.

“It’s pretty recession proof because people drink when they’re down and they drink when they’re celebrating good times,” Brian Daily with Lowry Liquors said.

But what they drink changes, according to the public’s perceived state of the economy.

“As the economy has turned around, a little more confident about job security, so I’m graduating up if you will in my wine buying; more flavor from my wine every time,” a wine customer said.

And he’s not drinking alone.

“My taste hasn’t changed but the budget has,” another customer said. “I feel less inhibition buying the wines that I used to buy that are a little more pricey.”
space Wine Has A Connection With Health Of Economy

Apparently as people whined about the economy they were still drinking. But now they’re toasting what is perceived as the higher peaks of the economy with better wines.

Wine store owners say wines from Spain, Argentina and Chile became more popular during the recession because they’re tasty and inexpensive.


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