DENVER (CBS4) – Fast-acting doctors at The Children’s Hospital in Denver prompted a massive, international recall of some alcohol wipes.

Doctors became alarmed after a few of their young patients developed bloodstream infections caused by a rare bacteria.

The company, The Triad Group out of Wisconsin, recalled its alcohol prep pads after a swift investigation by the Food and Drug Administration.

The pads being recalled are non-sterile alcohol prep pads sold in common places like Walgreens and Safeway, as well as used in hospitals. The company says the recall is because there was potential contamination, saying it may or may not be related to its products.

“With the cluster of patients that we had, and the patient types, it just didn’t make sense as to why they had this infection in their bloodstream,” Dr. Christine Nyquist with The Children’s Hospital said.
space Denver Doctors Prompt International Alcohol Wipe Recall

It didn’t take them long to isolate the problem.

“This is an ongoing look at a product that a lot of people use in the hospital as well as out of the hospital,” Nyquist said.

The Children’s Hospital reported the contamination last November. The FDA continues to investigate.

Triad also recalled its sterile lubricating jelly back in December because of possible contamination.

Link: Triad Recall

Comments (6)
  1. Russ Bromby says:

    Where are the wipes made? Might be something worth reporting. Also, I can’t find the list on your website of the various brands. I’m probably missing it, please direct me.

    1. karen says:

      The brand names affected are not just Triad, but also the many brand names manufactured by Triad under contract. If you use anything that comes with alcohol wipes in the packaging, check for these and do not use them. There should not be any problems using whatever they were packaged with. The only problem is with the alcohol prep pads. –


      Cardinal Health

      PSS Select


      Boca/ Ultilet

      Moore Medical




  2. Susan Breton says:

    I’m missing it, the list of various brands, too. This is importatnt to me as I’m a diabetic and use at least three alcohol wipes daily. Please direct me.

  3. Andy says:

    Please elaborate on this…….can this bacteria survive in the alcohol or did they not put the alcohol in the pads?

  4. Deb says:

    I sent a dozen boxes of the walgreens brand that were made by Triad to the Haiti relief. I hope this didn’t make things worse over there.

  5. MC says:

    I found a list of brand names apparently manufactured by Triad as follows:

    Best Choice
    Care One
    Cooper Atkins
    Discount Drug Mart
    Exchange Select
    Good Neighbor
    Good Sense
    Healthy Generations
    Life Brand
    Medicine Shoppe
    Premier Value
    Quality Choice
    Rite Aid
    Remedy RX
    Shoppers Drug
    Top Care
    Triad Sterile
    Valu Plus
    Western Family

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