AURORA, Colo (CBS4)- The American Diabetes Association EXPO offers all the latest developments in treatment and research into Diabetes. There will be more than 50 exhibitors there including a University of Colorado researcher who’s working on a study to improve the benefits of exercise in diabetics.


Dr. Judy Regensteiner has several studies on Diabetes going on at once. The American Diabetes Association is funding one that looks at why the bodies of people with Type 2 Diabetes don’t work as efficiently during exercise.


“We found that people with Type 2 Diabetes reached a max which was 20% lower than people without Type 2 Diabetes,” Regensteiner told CBS4.


Researchers know that Type 2 Diabetics don’t exercise at a maximum capacity, but they don’t know why. That’s what this study is trying to determine.


“We’re focusing on regulation of blood flow,” Regensteiner explained.


Randy Harrold is no stranger to Diabetes. His grandfather, mother, father, and brother have had the disease, and he was diagnosed just 2 and a half years ago.


“I knew it was coming, just not when,” Harrold said.


He signed up to be a part of the study hoping to get some insight into how to better manage his blood sugar. He works out 3 times a week at the University of Colorado, doing 45 minutes of cardio and weights.


“I’ve lost a bunch of weight and I’ve really watched my sugars level out,” said Harrold.


Harrold also has to undergo a battery of tests to determine his baseline health. Researchers measure his maximum oxygen consumption trying to determine if reduced blood flow to his muscles causes his body to work less efficiently during exercise. There are about five more months left in the study then researchers will compile all their data to see what conclusions can be made. But regardless of the results of the study, Harrold has already drawn his own conclusion.


“It really teaches you with the monitoring the benefits of exercise on Type 2 Diabetes, and really shows me how my sugars come down with exercise.”


Dr. Regensteiner will be one of the presenters at the American Diabetes Association EXPO. There will also be free health screenings, cooking demonstrations, and the latest exercise equipment for your to try out. The Fit 4 Colorado event runs from 9am to 4pm on Saturday, March 5th at the Colorado Convention Center (Exhibit Hall F).

— Written for the Web by CBS4 Special Projects Producer Libby Smith

Comments (2)
  1. denvervet says:

    They don’t need a study, come over here and have some coffee and I will explain it to you. They dont exercise at maximum because diabetes slows them down and makes them tired! And, exercise helps EVERYTHING not just diabetes. I have a painful muscle disease and I exercise using oxygen every day, I have less pain!

    1. denvergal says:

      Precisely why the research is being performed… WHY exactly does diabetes make it more difficult to exercise, etc.? This has not be explained physiologically yet. Clearly exercise improves a whole range of cardiovascular problems and there is a great need for research in many areas of the cardiovascular field, this is just one article highlighting research specifically focusing on type 2 diabetes.

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