DENVER (CBS4)- Talks continue between the NFL and the players’ union as a 7-day extension is reached on the collective bargaining agreement. The sides have until next Friday, March 11, to work on a new deal. Talks will resume Monday.

If no agreement is reached, the Denver Broncos franchise has a plan to reimburse season ticket holders. They will receive a full refund for any canceled games and a refund for parking, too. The refunds will be processed within 30 days of knowing exactly how many home games there will be.

Season ticket holders have a choice to receive the refund in the form paid for the tickets, such as check or credit card, or ticket holders can leave credits on their account for next season.

One vendor who has a food cart off Federal, banks on Broncos fan business. With the possibility of a lockout, his outlook looks grim.

“Maybe go out of business,” said vendor Enrique Juarez.

Regular home games bring in steady cash to businesses around Invesco Field at Mile High. Eight home games mean eight Sundays of fans filling up nearby gas stations and spending money at sports apparel stores.

Hotels near the stadium are nearly always full on game days, with Broncos fans traveling from New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.

No football means no watch parties, which would hit grocery stores, liquor stores, corner stores and pizza delivery businesses.

“It would be devastating to us to not have football,” said Wyman’s Bar General Manager Matt Alessio.

The bar at 13th and Vine isn’t a Broncos hangout, but one for Chicago Bears fans. He estimates 20 percent of his annual revenue is made on football Sundays.

“I fell strongly that they will do what it takes to make it happen. I hope fast,” said Alessio.

Business inside the stadium would also be impacted by a lockout, including food and drink vendors, and also everyone who works at Invesco Field at Mile High.

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Comments (6)
  1. ReeDee says:

    Hummm, I go shopping during the football games… It would be too bad if all the fans were in the stores with me

  2. Cliff says:

    How much sales tax will be lost? Based on the fact that as citizens of the six county wide area voted to continue the Coors Field Tax to build Invesco, I suggest that we file suit against Pat Bowlen and the NFL for lost revenues if games are lost to a lockout.

    1. Steve says:

      Relax, Bowlen isn’t THAT responsible for this. This is about Goodell vs. the players. Bowlen and the rest of the owners are along for the ride because they’re all afraid to get blackballed by the league if they stand up against the lockout.

  3. Kyle says:

    Really? 8 days makes THAT big of a difference to businesses? 8 days a year does not mean “steady cash”.

    1. Steve says:

      It’s not just “8 days”. It’s 8 whole weekends (plus playoffs). 8 weekends of people buying snacks and drinks for watching the game at home, 8 weekends of people buying drinks and food while they watch the game at local sports bars, and 8 weekends of parking/ticket revenue for the organization (plus the food and drinks purchased from local companies for tailgating). A lockout WILL have a large impact on the local area.

  4. Christopher Walker says:

    “Devastating?” Isn’t that a little hyperbolic? There are only 8 home games a year. Someone who makes his entire living by working 8 days a year might go out of business and that id “devastating” for Denver? Think about this: All those fans who normally spend money on the things those vendors sell will have that much more money in their pockets, as long as the cash they get back for the tickets they purchased. That would offset the effects of lost home games. The only people who would really lose out are the overpaid players and the overpaid Mr. Bowlen. Gee, maybe 50,000 people who usually spend 8 days a year loading up on junk food and beer will actually find something productive to do with their Sundays.

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