DENVER (CBS4)- Police in Denver are searching for a man they said is dangerous, violent and brazen. He carries a knife, and wears a lot of red clothing, when robbing businesses.

The suspect has hit at least six businesses, many in south Denver, in the past week and a half. Police said the robber has a get away car and a driver helping him out.

The robber wears a red hooded sweatshirt, red bandanna and a Cardinals cap when he strikes. There’s something else he does that has detectives concerned.

robber Denver Police Search For Suspect Who Uses Knife In Robberies

Surveillance images of the robber (credit: Denver Police)

“He’s going directly behind the counter, pulling a knife to their back or their throat,” said Denver Police Spokesman Sonny Jackson.

“Had a knife and had it to the side of her,” said business owner Stacey Post.

Post’s paraphernalia shop off University was hit in the rash of robberies.

“She was asked to open her drawer, she said, ‘No.’ He came behind the counter, threatened her again and popped her one in the lip,” said Post.

Police said the robber is targeting small businesses, with only one or two employees inside. They robberies typically happen between 5 and 8 p.m.

“If they don’t move quick enough, he’s striking them with their hands and becoming physically violent,” said Jackson.

The robber has a getaway driver and is using different vehicles. He’s been seen in three vehicles, a silver Toyota, a Nissan sedan, with a rear spoiler and an LED light across the back, and a white Chevy Malibu sedan.

“If people thought about it, they’d know who he is, based on his size, how he dresses. You’re not going to find a lot of guys 5’11” wearing a lot of red,” said Jackson.

The robber is described as a black man, about 5’11”, between 270-300 pounds. He usually wears a red hoodie, red bandanna and a Cardinals hat with black socks and white shoes.

Police ask those who think they have spotted the robber matching that description in those type of cars to call 911.
space Denver Police Search For Suspect Who Uses Knife In Robberies

Comments (2)
  1. Aaron says:

    haha that was my black car behind you at the gamestop

  2. denvervet says:

    Maybe he is in the “bloods” if he is wearing read. Are they sure this is a guy? His/her body stature is that of a woman, to me he/she looks like a chick. This person is one step away from killing someone, I hope they catch this guy/girl fast.

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