I can understand the need for a timed 40-yard dash; you’ve got to be fast to play in the NFL.

And sometimes you have to be able to jump really high — to intercept a pass.

But at what point during a football game are players asked to perform the standing broad jump?

Many of the Combine’s tests are very questionable in terms of their importance.

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  1. Jerry Salazaar says:

    My senior year (1971-72), at Monte Vista High School, our Coach, Jim Paronto told us after every victory, “Have fun this weekend, but remember, Monday is mine!” After warm ups, every Monday we (60+ team mates) ran “Nico-drill”…leap frog 1 time around the football field.
    We practiced under the lights to get ready for night games, and when the temperaturesw began to dip he ordered the fields watered before practice so we’d know how to play on a frozen field…under the lights! We lost the state championship to Salida High School on a Saturday afternoon when the temperature was -23 at 1:30. We went 14-1.
    In the Spring of 1972, 22 guys from a senior class of 112 students voluntarily enlisted in different branches of the military, and Viet Nam was still going on.
    Our coach told us he was prouder than if we had won 100 state championships. We’d gladly give him Mondays’ ’cause he made us feel like we were 15-0!

    1. John E. Richard Jr. says:

      I graduated from High School in 1971 and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1972 I served 20 years and retired with honor and benefits May 1992. We lost to Tibado Louisiana I played for Cousahtta Louisiana. They were playing a new type of Football which is what we watch every Sunday and Monday and sometimes Thrurday every week during the NFL football season. Each of their players had a list of our names, jersey numbers and injuries sustained during the playing year. They were trying to reinjure us. They succeeded also on many of our best players and beat us that way. I didn’t even try to play in College or try for the NFL because when I went to NWS tryouts they were trying to teach me how to block someone in such a way as to criple them. That wasn’t my nature and I quite at that point. That game was also for the state championship. I just wanted to share my story with you.

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