COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – A Colorado investigator says a woman whose 6-year-old son has been missing since October may be part of a group being investigated by Durham, N.C., police after a former member reported seeing abuse of children.

Teller County sheriff’s Sgt. Nick Olmsted tells The Gazette that Vania Sisk is believed to have moved to Colorado recently from Durham with five adults and nine children who belong to a home-based church known as Black Hebrews. Deputies visited her home last week and couldn’t find Sisk or her son, but nine other children at the home were taken into custody by Teller County social services at the request of authorities in North Carolina. Authorities haven’t disclosed reasons for the request.

Sisk has since contacted authorities and isn’t considered missing.

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Comments (2)
  1. Pillsbury says:

    Black Hebrews. Is that anything like Hawaiian Indians?

  2. LaShaunda Starks says:

    wow i can not believe this is happing. This is not the person i grew up with as a child. We were real close we were best friends. i should have known something was not right with her when i didnt hear back from her in june of last year. we use to keel in contact almost every day then it started to fade. I would be lucky if i heard from her at least once a month. something is wrong cause that is not the Vania i grew to know and love she was like my little sister.

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