DENVER (CBS4) – New research confirms what our waistlines often tell us. Our weight can start creeping up after we turn 40.

The research shows that our metabolism slows down by five percent.

The problem is even worse for women. The big 40 is that magic number when things start to go bad for women.

Men get another 5 to 10 years before metabolism slows down

Researchers at the University of Maryland are the ones who determined the five percent number for women. That five percent adds up to 100 fewer calories burned in a day. Ultimately that adds up to ten pounds of weight a year.

Certainly eating 100 fewer calories a day will help, but there are other things that can be done to prevent weight gain.

First, tweak your diet. Eat a little more protein. Your body burns twice as many calories digesting and processing protein as it does carbohydrates.

Second, cut calories, but not too many. The lowest you should go is 1,200-1,500 calories per day. If you go lower, your metabolism slows after 72 hours.

Third, divide those calories into four to six mini meals to keep your metabolism consistent. That’s because metabolism slows 30 minutes after a large meal.

Lastly, if you’re a coffee drinker, have it with your meal. Caffeine from coffee or other sources with meals bumps metabolism 5 percent over the course of 24 hrs. Caffeine without a meal does not bump metabolism.

For more information from Dr. Dave Hnida, visit his blog.


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