Written by Meteorologist Dave Aguilera
It’s time to hold on…….weather in the month of March can be quite a bumpy ride for Denver. March on average is Denver’s snowiest month. The average snowfall for the month is 11.7 inches of snow. Last year, March 2010, picked up just above the average with 12.8 inches in total recorded at Denver International Airport.

In, 2003 , the second strongest winter storm in Denver history blasted through the Front Range. From March 17th through the 20th snowfall added up to over 31 inches of snow at the Former Stapleton International Airport. That storm dumped over 87 inches of snow in Rollinsville which is located in the foothills west of Denver.

The Month has so many ups and downs because Colorado still can see Arctic cold waves blowing southward down the Rockies and still see moisture laden storms bringing in moisture from the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of California and Gulf of Mexico. This combination can bring everything from severe thunderstorms, tornadoes to heavy blizzards into the weather picture.

The warmest recorded high for Denver during the month of March was a record high of 84 degrees set on March 26th, 1971. The record low for the month is 11 below zero , set on March 28th, 1886.


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