DENVER (AP) – Colorado Republicans were firmly on the side of soft drinks Wednesday, rejecting a bill to add a bottle deposit while voting to repeal sales taxes on soda.

Separate committees in the GOP-led House took up soda-related measures. The proposed 5-cent bottle deposit was rejected after lawmakers heard hours of testimony from trash bag-toting schoolchildren. Republicans argued the deposits could cost jobs.

And another committee approved a bill to repeal last year’s decision to add sales taxes to carbonated beverages, including diet drinks. The Republican sponsor says the 2.9 percent tax is an unfair burden when other unhealthy foods remain tax-free. The soda tax repeal would save taxpayers some $12.3 million next year.

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Comments (3)
  1. Jive talkin says:

    Thank goodness. We are so overtaxed in Colorado and this was a burden to the poorer of Colorado citizens. Sparkling water should not have a tax. Greedy government~

  2. mkdenver1 says:

    Finally a good government move for once. I wouldn’t have minded so much a $.05 deposit. Maybe they could have gotten a recycling program set up where you get the $.05 back for each bottle you bring to recycle. Just a thought.

    Hopefully we’ll see the big sales back again. Safeway always had Pepsi product 12-packs on sale where you buy 2 get 3 free.

  3. Hil says:

    Many other states offer the deposit and redemption program for pop containers. It has helped immensely with recycling and trash management. There will always be other materials needed for recycling, and processing returnables produces extra jobs. I don’t get this.

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