DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado mother has been worrying about her daughter who just moved to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Cathy Kielkopf waited all day Tuesday for word from her daughter Amy after the quake in Christchurch.

Rescue crews in New Zealand said Wednesday morning that they can hear the cries of earthquake victims coming from the rubble. They were trying to reach survivors more than 24 hours after the powerful quake toppled buildings.

It wasn’t known how many people were buried in the quake. As of Wednesday morning at least 75 people were dead.

It’s been hard for Kielkopf to even turn on the TV as she worries about her daughter. Kielkopf said its been very frustrating not hearing from Amy who Kielkopf said is an adventurer.

“I love it, I love that she likes to travel,” Kielkopf said.

Cathy has followed every step of her daughter’s trip on Facebook. Amy regularly posts pictures of her adventures.

“It’s frightening to think they could be in a building that collapsed,” Kielkopf said.

Those were the first thoughts on her mind before she received a short message on Facebook from Amy’s friend and traveling companion. Almost immediately after the quake he posted, “Amy and I are ok.”

After that, Cathy didn’t hear from her daughter for over 24 hours. She worried that aftershocks could harm her daughter as well.

“I’d just like to tell her how much I love her and that I know that she loves to travel and this will probably be the biggest and best story ever,” Kielkopf said.

It wasn’t until late Tuesday night that a family member contacted Cathy. She said she received word from another family member that they have heard from Amy and that she was ok. The family member said Amy had been out with her camera documenting the tragedy.

Just last September another earthquake hit the same area. That one was a 7.1 trembler.


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