CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – Deputies in Douglas County are investigating a double homicide inside a home in the 2400 Block of Marlin Way

Police were called out to the home off Interstate 25 and Tomah Road at about 3 a.m. Wednesday for a welfare check.

Once deputies were inside the home they discovered two bodies. They believe victims of homicide. The victims have not been identified. Deputies hope to release their names on Thursday.

“Part of the investigation is we’re still trying to determine the exact relationship with the individuals as well as to the house,” said Douglas County Sheriff Sergeant Ron Hanavan.

Deputies said that a husband and wife, Bob and Tamra Rafferty, who have two grown children, own the home.

Deputies have not identified who made the call leading to the welfare check.

Deputies said it is a big crime scene because of the large home which sits on a large plot of land.

A neighbor and good friend told CBS4 he was shaken by the events. He said he had arranged to have a beer with the man who lives in the home Wednesday evening and that he talked to the home owner just last night.

“They are a super good family and they’re always looking out for other people and taking in kids and helping them and they’re a very good family,” said neighbor Wade Goetz.

Goetz said the couple had another family member and her child living with them for about seven months. That woman had some kind of domestic situation going on that had the tight-knit community on alert, to watch out.

“It was restraining someone away from their home and family. Hopefully, that’s not what caused this,” said Goetz.

Multiple neighbors confirm the domestic situation. They had some kind of safety plan in place for the Rafferty family to call for help from a neighbor’s home. Deputies said the 911 call is part of the investigation.

A friend of the family said Tamra Rafferty has been out of town on business, their two children as well.

The Keen Ranch Homeowner’s Association confirmed that Bob Rafferty is the head of the HOA.

While detectives won’t confirm who the victims are, they’re assuring neighbors of their safety.

“Am I safe? Is there someone floating around that we’re looking for? They said no, there is not,” said neighbor Carole Weckbaugh.

“We are following any and all leads that we have. At this time we do not have a suspect in custody and we don’t have a suspect. However, we don’t have information to lead us to believe the neighbors around here are in danger,” said Hanavan.

Deputies do not have any suspect description and no arrests have been made. The investigation continues.


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