DENVER (CBS4)- A lawsuit against Denver Public Schools focuses on a student at Horace Mann Middle School, who was shocked with a stun gun by an employee in 2006.

Sal Rivera,16, was shocked with 200,000 volts by a man responsible for disciplining students.

Rivera was accused of tripping another student. The school had a program to deal with minor issues called Teen Court. That program was run by Shaun Ellis, 25.

The lawsuit claims it was just one of several incidents involving Ellis.

Ellis punished Rivera with a form of a stun gun called a stun pen. He shot 200,000 volts onto Rivera’s neck and arms. Ellis eventually pleaded guilty to second degree assault with a deadly weapon. space Stun Gun Incident At Middle School In Denver Sparks Lawsuit

According to the lawsuit, the school had several earlier warning signs about Ellis, including a claim of stalking, hiding in a boiler room and one much more serious involving another boy.

Just a few weeks before the stun gun incident, Omar Roman was called out of class by Ellis. He was taken to a lounge on an off-limits floor of Horace Mann.

In an affidavit, Roman described a sexual advance by Ellis, “He touched my hair. He touched my arm, neck, back and leg.”

“He never wanted to talk about what Ellis did to him. He always said, ‘I am okay. Don’t worry about that,” said Roman’s sister Cristal Nereida Roman.

Only after the stun gun incident the school security director revealed she and another staff member had confronted Ellis. They had accepted his explanation that he was just having a private conversation with Roman.

“After that happened he just started to change,” said Roman.

The problems for the boy grew. Four years later, Omar Roman took his own life.

Denver Public Schools issued a statement that it regrets the stun gun incident, “The employee’s actions were reprehensible and completely outside the scope of his employment. No district employees are permitted to carry stun devices of any kind and this employee was terminated immediately after this incident was reported.”

The trial is set for Denver Federal Court before Judge Richard Matsch.

Comments (3)
  1. Evangelina barraza says:

    i don,t think omar killed him self i think he was murdered or some thing else happend becouse i saw the clouset were he suposibly did it and there is no way he did that to him self.

    1. Kayla Aragon says:

      i so agree with you. i seen it to he was to tall for that closet he couldnt have done it himself.

  2. Kaye says:

    I know one thing…my kid isn’t going to a school or a school district with such poor regulations and employees that it took something THIS serious..for anything to happen even though they said there were other incidents besides the stun gun…wow…DSP you’re a sorry district and I feel bad for any kids or parents that have to deal with and of those schools. I’d be scared for my children life.

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