GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)- An investigation into a possible serial rapist has expanded from Lakewood into other cities in the metro area. Marc O’Leary, 32, is accused of attacking three women in Lakewood, Westminster and Golden.

Aurora police are talking to investigators in all three cases to determine if O’Leary is linked to an unsolved sexual assault in 2009.

O’Leary appeared in Jefferson County Court on Thursday. He faces a total of 28 charges in connection with three victims. The suspect’s face is not being shown because police believe there could be more victims and don’t want to compromise investigations.

“There are 28 counts, sex assault, burglary, kidnapping, theft, possession of burglary tools, stalking and felony menacing, in addition to a few others,” said Jefferson County District Attorney spokeswoman Pam Russell.

O’Leary was arrested at his Lakewood home on Sunday. Police, agents from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations spent 12 hours there gathering evidence. They wore protective suits while retrieving property inside.

“He’s very quiet, very stay-to-himself. You never knew he was home, really,” said O’Leary’s neighbor Kathy Guetlein.

Investigators believe O’Leary sexually assaulted a woman at an apartment in Golden and another woman in Westminster. O’Leary is also charged with an attempted sex assault in Lakewood from July 2010.

“She was in her own home, she got away. This attack occurred during the nighttime hours,” said Lakewood Police Department spokesman Steve Davis.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s office won’t say what led police to search O’Leary’s home on Sunday, or his arrest. They will say that during two of the attacks, they believe O’Leary was wearing a mask.

Police believe there may be more victims.

“He’s about 6 foot or 6-foot-2, 200 to 220 pounds. Fair hair and skin. The most telling is a birth mark on the lower part of one leg, kind of shaped like an egg,” said Russell.

O’Leary’s bond is set at $5 million cash. The district attorney’s office asked for that amount and the judge agreed, saying O’Leary is a significant risk to the victims in the case and the community.

Police hope that bond amount also sends a message of safety to any other victims, so they feel safe enough to come forward.

  1. DenverVet says:

    Another sick puppy. Somehow we need to get accross to these people that they need to go for help when having these urges. Maybe there should be some free phych clinics where they can go, I just don’t know but something has to be done.

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