DENVER (CBS4)- Food prices are skyrocketing. The cost of corn has doubled and the price of soybeans and wheat have also risen sharply. All of that adds up to a bigger bill at the grocery store.

According to Consumer Reports, there are 25 foods that are healthy and inexpensive.

Cabbage and kale are often cheaper than lettuce and far more nutritious. Frozen blueberries are less than $1 a serving.

Dried plums are packed with antioxidants. Canned tomatoes equal out to 25 cents a serving.

Plain yogurt provides protein, while powdered milk offers calcium.

Canned salmon has heart-healthy Omega oils. Rolled oats, whole grain spaghetti and quinoa are hearty and healthy.

White potatoes are just 13 cents a serving. Edamame have protein and fiber.

You can even find snacks that are healthy and a good deal. Low-calorie, low-cost snacks like popcorn, peanuts and dried plums.

Less popular items but quite healthy are canned sardines. Frozen shrimp packs a protein punch, along with flaxseed. Brown lentils and black beans also made the list.

Consider tofu for protein, eggs and turkey are also inexpensive healthy additions to your meals.

  1. G Harris says:

    You didn’t mention what the 25 foods are..according to Consumer Reports….and your link to “Healthy” doesn’t work! What are they???????

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