Written by Brooke WagnerDENVER (CBS4) – This Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself? I have some more sweet bargains for you below. In the meantime, plan some time to do some fun post-Valentine’s shopping.

If you’re like me, you like a little dark chocolate every day. For the antioxidants, right?! Dark chocolate is what to buy now! After the holiday, you’ll find 50 percent, then 75 percent off and even more at your grocery and drug stores. Why not buy yourself a heart-shaped box? I eat just one dark chocolate a day after the morning show for a real pick-me-up. Somehow, it prepares me to feel ready to face the rest of the day. Dark chocolate’s even more fun when it’s in a pretty box for which I only paid $1!  Please see my 2/04 entry for more on hot holiday bargains.

Other things to consider stocking up on after a holiday:

— Clearance Valentine paper plates, tablecloths, cups, plastic utensils, straws, placemats – they may be Valentine-themed, but your kids will love that! You can even use these for birthday parties.
— Plain red or red/white wrapping paper with a generic pattern – you can use it for birthday presents or even Christmas presents.
— Gift bags, Valentines for next year, pencils for your child’s class Valentine’s next year, stickers and doilies for art projects.
— Valentine t-shirts for next year! I buy them 5 or 6 days after the holiday for 50 cents, so you might check big box stores around Friday for the lowest price.
— Perfume, bath/body gift sets – up to 75 percent off and they make great gifts! Or, just pamper yourself with a new fragrance! I like to buy these when they go $5 and under – and I try really hard not to overdo it.

There are a million other ideas out there.  Just make sure you have an idea of what you can actually use and can keep track of, otherwise it’s not a bargain!

It may not sound romantic, but if you opt out of flowers, candy, and other traditional gifts this year, you can make that savings work for you. Send a little extra toward the mortgage this month, make an extra IRA or college fund contribution, pay down a credit card or car payment, or even spend $20 to invest a little in a mutual fund – dollar cost averaging, even just a little each month, can pay off in the long run.  Maybe your family would like to start a vacation fund for this summer. Every little bit counts!  Just some ideas – I’m not a financial advisor!

Also, if you haven’t bought a card yet, consider this:  many cards are so expensive, I always have my kids make a special card for my husband, then I enclose my own note for Valentine’s Day. Then, he has a keepsake for his office.  I think it’s a nice reminder that we all love him!

Now, for a few other bargain coupons:

Free Valentine’s Day movie rental, Feb. 14 only:
http://www.redbox.com/  Enter code BEMINE to get the freebie.

Free chips:

Free yogurt:

Also, up to 70 percent off Crocs at:
http://www.crocs.com/crocs-sale-outlet/outlet,default,sc.html when you use the code:  ALLYOU20 for an addition 20 percent off, then try codes: fallship or novship for free shipping. If you buy two pairs of kids shoes you can use code FREEJIBBITZ to get free Jibbitz to decorate your child’s shoes. The Jibbitz offer does not work on all orders, however these coupon codes ARE stackable, meaning you can use more than one on each order!

I love free samples! Get a free foundation sample here:

We would love to hear about your finds and bargains in comments!

And, always check our CBS4 Deals of the Day for fun deals, too! We just had a great one for a car wash, which we certainly all need right now!

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy this incredible weather!

  1. della says:

    maybe you could list stores that have chocolate, or other items you mention, on sale after Valentine’s day…. thanks. That would be good for the consumer as well as the business.

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