Written by Dr. Dave Hnida CBS4 Medical Editor

You might be cutting a few calories by going the diet soda route, but you also may be raising your risk of a stroke. At least that”s what a new study from the University of Miami has to say.

Researchers followed more than 2,500 people for about nine years and analyzed their soda preferences. Those who drank diet soda over the course of that nine year timeframe had a 61 percent higher rate of strokes. That’s even when taking into account high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, etc.

So researchers conclude: diet soda = higher risk of stroke

But here’s the question — Why? The researchers say they don’t know. They also admit they don’t know how much diet soda it takes to increase the risk. A can a day? A six-pack?

So I don’t think you need to worry that popping the lid on a can of  artificially sweetened and flavored fizzy water is going to cause you to keel over.

But I would keep in mind other research that shows diet soda and sweeteners may affect the brain and actually trigger you to eat more. Also, there may be a link between diet soda and high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood fats — that’s what other research has suggested.

The bottom line: A can a day probably isn’t going to do you in. But one, perhaps, should be your limit. The stroke stuff isn’t that convincing, but the other health problems seem to show up when you go with two or more diet sodas a day.

It all means the same mantra — moderation is the key.

Comments (5)
  1. Jessica Rose says:

    Wow and I hear so often to stay away from sugar and drink diet sodas thought they were better for me or sweeteners as well

  2. Paul Chenault says:

    Hey Dave Did you see lasts nights newscast on your station.? They said even 1 diet soda daily can cause strokes, Other studies also indicate even 1 regular soda daily will cause a yearly weight gain of 15lbs not to mention other health issuses caused by high frutcose corn syrup. Why not recommend good old plain water? Could it be your profession needs the bussiness? No profit from healthyfolks like me who know better…….

  3. Paul Chenault says:

    Sodas — even diet ones — may be linked with increased risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. adults who drink one or more sodas a day had about a 50 percent higher risk of metabolic syndrome — a cluster of risk factors such as excessive fat around the waist, low levels of “good” cholesterol, high blood pressure and other symptoms. “When you have metabolic syndrome, your risk of developing heart disease or stroke doubles. You also have a risk of developing diabetes,” said Dr. Ramachandran Vasan of Boston University School of Medicine, whose work appears in the journal Circulation

  4. Paul Chenault says:

    So if someone has another opinion Dr Dave wont post, whats up?

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