NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4) – A man is under arrest in connection with the theft of two puppies from the Puppies N’ Stuff store  in Northglenn.

Northglenn police arrested Darrell Emery Monday night after he returned the missing Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua to the pet store.

CBS4 was there when a pet shop employee got a phone call from a person claiming to be a friend of the thieves.  He told the employee he wanted to help his friends by arranging for the puppies to be returned. Investigators haven’t identified the man on the phone as Emery, who could face charges of theft by receiving.

emery darrell Arrest Made In Northglenn Puppy Theft

Investigators are still looking for three suspects seen stealing the puppies on surveillance video.  One of the people caught on tape appears to be a little girl.

The puppies are in good condition.

space Arrest Made In Northglenn Puppy Theft

  1. Danielle says:

    It’s unbelievable that the man who brought the puppies back is in trouble! He did the right thing by bringing them back, and didn’t steal them in the first place. The owner of the store should not have gotten the cops involved when they were being returned, stories like this are going to deter people from doing the right thing.

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