AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Two people were in the hospital Sunday morning after a shooting at an Aurora bar at the 15300 Block of east 6th Avenue.

Police said a fight broke out around 2 the Kasbah Bar. The bar is located at the intersection of Chambers and 6th Avenue.

Police said that the fight started outside the bar as the bar was closing. One man went to his car and grabbed a gun. He then fired shots, hitting two men. It’s unclear if he fired at the men he was fighting with or if he just fired randomly into the crowd.

After firing the shots the shooter then got in his car with one other man and took off, according to authorities. Off-duty police officers were working at the bar at the time of the shooting and chased the car.

The driver ended up crashing not far from the scene and was arrested without incident. The passenger jumped out of the car and ran away.

Officers set up a perimeter to catch the man and were able to arrest him a short time later.

Police also recovered the weapon from the shootings.

The men that were shot outside the bar were taken to the hospital. One of the men had non-life threatening injuries. The other was in serious condition.

Police said they are continuing to investigate what lead to the fight and shooting.

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  1. Jim says:

    Good thing Aurora was so quick to ban cannabis dispensaries…… they cause way more issues than the bars that are on every corner, why hasn’t a bar ban ever found its way on to the ballot? Maybe if problems bred solutions rather than the other way around, real issues could be addressed. I hope the victims live and everyone at fault here is brought to justice.

  2. Phil says:

    So as the “off duty” cops go on a chase are us citizens liable for med costs if a problem goes down while they play renta cop?

    1. Carlos Navarrio says:

      How can you play renta cop if your a COP! And are you really worried about medical expenses? You have drunks and homeless people racking up medical bills everyday and you worried about two- guys being shot. DO IT MATTER?

  3. Dretsel J says:

    They should just close that hood club down.

  4. Papi T says:

    To Dretsel…….
    Why do you Assume that the club is hood, because a shooting occurred?

    1. Carlos Navarrio says:

      Right, shootings occur in other neighboring hoods. Even upscale ones downtown. Point is wannabe gangsters go out too. If they see someone they don’t like, why should a businessman go out of business because of them? He can’t control what happens outside of his club. Same for rec centers, restaurants, and other establishments where shootings happen.

  5. DenverVet says:

    I am glad there were police officers in there and that they caught the shooter. I hope the men that got shot get better soon. Who goes to a bar on a Sunday night and stays til 2? The unemployed? If so, how do they afford to drink, just wondering. Against popular opinion we need more gun control, apparently guns are in the wrong hands a lot of the time. This just happens way too often, seems like every week.

    1. Aurora says:

      listen to the story carefully & listen to the story carefully before you reply and have an opinion about something. This happened on Saturday night obviously if they said early Sunday morning around 2am!!

    2. Carlos Navarrio says:

      The same people who go to bars on a Sunday night and stay til 2 am are people who most time don’t have to work on Monday. Like Barbers, beauticians, or medical staff i.e. nurses, restaurant staffers, Security officers, Police officers and military personnel DenverVet. We have jobs. Our weekend is not traditional like your weekend. Glad that I can enlighten you. Your welcome.

  6. EPIC FAIL says:

    Headline should have been Kasbah in Saudi Aurora scene of shooting.
    Aurora, a great place to be…………..from!

  7. OlderThanDirt says:

    DenverVet….Respect that you have a different opinion than me. However, please transition from opinion to fact. What are the existing gun control measures that failed, and exactly which additional gun control measure(s) would you enact to fix this problem?
    The reason it “seems like every week,” is that is what the media is reporting. They do not report the times that firearms are used to save lives because:
    1 It’s not news worthy.
    2. The incidents usually go unreported unless there is a fatality

    Before the personal attacks start, let me assure you that I do not believe in violence, do not hunt, and am basically a pacifist. Sometimes, I curse the invention of gunpowder. The experience I have that helps form my opinion is growing up in a country where politicians enacted extreme gun control, and eventually a ban for everyone except the police and military.

    The criminals still had guns, so the politicians basically just expanded their victim base to everyone in the country. When I was 14, I was left to defend my mother and sister with a machete against intruders armed with knives, rocks (big ones), clubs and, yes, guns.

    The guns were either home made, or came in with drug shipments, or taken off wounded police. Where were the police? Executing tactical delays in case of ambush, or responding to thousands of incidents per day.

    Primarily, because of “Gun Control” I saw more dead bodies by the time i was 16 than most people see in a lifetime…Including military service.
    Criminals do not respect guns laws, and we cannot legislate morality or civility.

    Everyone…Please make sure you have all the facts, study history, ask why the media chooses their reportable events, and understand every issue before you vote on it.

    1. carlos Navarrio says:

      Moral of the story is. If you had Federal control over candy and I mean it was the most strictest control ever, people would still find candy to eat. Same goes for guns, marijuana and other illegal drugs. The worlds population is to many and thats the real reason why you can’t control it. There will always be a need by somebody somewhere. Period.

  8. Bigg Dawg says:

    after 5 weeks of sedation 9 weeks total in the hospital and it amazes me to think that people will believe if they change the laws that every one will abide by it. the case of the matter is people are going to do what ever they want or should i say feel.

    i was the one that was shot and yes i do have a job. stop coming up with your own conclusion from sitting on your behind reading or watching the news.

    Bad things happen to good people all the time

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