GLENDALE, Colo. (AP/CBS4) – A Colorado nonprofit canceled a Sarah Palin fundraiser for military families citing safety concerns after an “onslaught of negative feedback.”

The Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation announced Saturday on its website that no direct threats were made against anyone but that negative rhetoric raised concern for the safety of Palin and others. The group did not specify what the negative comments were.

“I really did not want the families that we honor, that have been through some traumatic experiences, to have to deal with people’s ill intentions just as it relates to Sarah Palin,” Director Leo Pacheco said.

The foundation had announced Friday that the former Alaska governor and Republican vice-presidential candidate would be the keynote speaker at a May 2 fundraiser for military families whose relatives have died in combat. The money was to help military families planning a grief camp for children.

The group says it is looking for another speaker.

Link: Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation

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Comments (33)
  1. Renee Defibaugh says:

    Good for Palin. She do not go there. It is god canclled. There people muder, hit, punch, hurt, yelled, speak loud, crowded street, stay street all day. Few people gun her or him died or injury. Palin and washington DC are stay here and safety. Colorado people are nice and quiet and soft talk.
    I heard Anderson cooper 360 was over there. I was scared and saw bad man rode horse and hit him. He ran away and go to building safety egypt. Lady and man help him. Cooper said cannot sleep. I saw cooper got home safety and he tak breaknews on TV. I wish he do not over there again.
    Thank you for cooper is safety home and colorado.

    1. Hwhuebner says:

      Lol. Me Tarzan, you Jane?

  2. Sam says:

    So the pathetic liberal haters win? I think the sponsoring organization should release the names, letters, or email addresses of every idot that complained.

  3. spurz says:

    I think it’s a buncha bunk and that no threats were ever made….it’s one more pathetic ploy in Palin’s repertoire of news mongering tricks

  4. ColoradoDude says:

    Renee- do you speak english? and to Spurz- even republicans like myself hate her. she’s an attention mongering wannabe….so sick of her.

  5. BannedByHuffpo says:

    Thank goodness taliban-like nazis aren’t infesting Colorado and attempting to stifle 1st Amendment rights to free speech. No, that couldn’t happen HERE. After all, this isn’t Afghanistan. This is America, RIGHT??

  6. Hurryup2012 says:

    All this hate directed at Bristol and Sarah Palin is scary. It’s senseless. This goes beyond a simple dislike. This is pathological rage. And it’s coming from Americans who are angry — but angry at what? They don’t know. So they use Sarah Palin as a convenient punching bag. I’m getting a bad feeling about this country and where it’s going. I’d like to escape, but there’s nowhere to go.

    1. chris says:

      It’s not so much hate as it is people expressing their desire for Sarah to STFU. This org said there were no actual threats, but only negative rhetoric – and I’d REALLY like to know what “negative rhetoric” was directed at which “others”. This is stupid. Sarah gets negative rhetoric all the time – you can see it on her Facebook page in recent comments (before her team of scrubbers can delete it). Most important is they dropped ticket prices fast because they weren’t selling – I find this hard to believe since Sarah can usually sell out any event – makes me think most people never heard of this event (I didn’t), and if her supporters didn’t hear about it, it’s unlikely any sizable group of dissenters would. Ticket prices were cut in half – from $185 to $95? I don’t care for Sarah but probably would have shelled out $95 just to see her (and the fans) – though I’m sure I would have gotten bored/left before halftime.

  7. BannedByHuffpo says:

    C’mon ACLU !! Where are all you “free speech” advocate lawyers while deranged mobs are threatining violence against someone they disagree with if she dares to speak publically in our community?


  8. Anthony says:

    Even though I cant stand the rhetoric and hateful speech by Palin and her ilk…. It is a shame that she did not get the chance to talk here. It is important to hear her speak so that right and fair minded people can make their own judgments on the merits of her talking points. I truly believe that this woman is ego driven, and self righteous. She can dish out the heat but cant take it. Repiblicans have some great ideas and I don’t question their wanting a better world for us anymore than I do Democrats. I question the far left and the far right who have driven politics to such discourse. The Name calling from both sides and the vitriol spewed by both sides is just sickening. Just read the idiotic and nasty replies from both sides Yeah … they have the answers we all need… ! Uniformed and nasty people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet just scare the bejeebus out of me. Hopefully saner voices will begin to be heard and something will finally get accomplished

    1. chris says:

      Gotta remember this was a non-profit event. If I TRULY believed this organization wasn’t a scam, I’d donate to them anyway (directly) so more money would go for the cause and not to Sarah’s speaking fee. If she charges $75k to $150k it’s absurd to think this is a charitable event.

  9. Tyler says:

    God no1 wants this self seeking glory fake politician talking about dead families serving her oil war in the middle east.

  10. chrys333 says:

    Notice, there are no concrete facts. The more they make her out as a poor victim, the more people run to defend her as if she were a member of their own family. There’s no proof there was danger. The people who are ready to believe everyone is after her and she is an angel needing to be protected are the strange ones.
    She isn’t worth it.

  11. Mark A says:

    Wow a bunch of Palin haters on here I see. For your information it was not Palin who canceled, it was the foundation’s decision because a bunch of weak minded people were mad because they think she is responsible in some disjointed way for the shootings in Arizona. Palin probably still would have come because she was invited. Seriously what is the obsession with her? I neither like or dislike her, she is one political personality out there out of thousands, yet since the election she has drawn more heat from all directions because she isn’t your typical D.C. politician. Isn’t that a good thing with all the political bs from what you would call traditional politicians? Seriously, find a new hobby other then obsessing about Sarah Palin.

  12. Creede says:

    On the 10:00 news this evening Channel 4 news played a telephone interview with Leo Pacheo where he stated that they didn’t want someone who should be in prison for her part in the Arizonia shootings, that is not verbatium but very close. Very irresponsible of CBS 4 to play such nonsense. Liberal media at its best!!!

  13. creede says:

    Another point. everyone who would like to see and hear Sarah needs to call the Sharon Pacheco foundation and make their views known.

  14. Phyllis Work says:

    How unfortunate for the foundation and the military that their rights to have Sarah Palin as a guest has been driven away by fear and intimidation. This is an attempt to verbally threaten It would be well served to have both sides heard. In short let freedom of speech prevail.

  15. DenverVet says:

    I say “good-bye to bad news”……..who cares? This woman is in it for ANY money she can get. That’s her whole premise, nothing more, nothing less. Its all about money for Palin. Doesn’t she have enough yet? If people would stop reporting about her maybe she will go away. She is a dangerous canon waiting to go off, sick woman. Eventually she will say something so stupid no one will like her anymore.

    1. gene says:

      My guess would be that people who would normally donate money complained, and money is always the bottom line.

  16. Ron says:

    I wouldn’t put it past her to be the one doing the complaining just for the head line. She is a media ho and we all know it.

  17. Ron says:

    ” Sharon K Pacheco Foundation in the Foundation Center database – 990s are the tax forms that Foundation­s submit to IRS. Here is a listing of their assets.

    2005 – $1,204 – yes, one thousand, two hundred and four dollars.
    2006 – $1,204
    2009 – $2,204

    Looks like they couldn’t afford her. You know she wasn’t doing it for free but my bet is she needed to grab a headline and some face time in the news. Keeps her sheep coming.

  18. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO Sharon K Pacheco Foundation
    RE: What….

    ….a bunch of ‘losers’ Kowtowing to liberal terrorism.

    Don’t expect any support from me or any other military folk who prefer to stand up to terrorism.


    ]War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.]

    1. Frivo says:

      The headline is deliberately misleading and should be removed or revised. This was a simply a deceptive press release to cover for the fact they were told to desist using Sarah’s name because they hadn’t paid the exhorbitant fee. Works as great press for both the foundation and Sarah, and gets the gullible slathering at the mouth.
      As for the military actually getting anything out of this event, after fees and demands were paid there would have been a deficit in money collected. Keep in mind the current state of veterans benefits were negatively affected by Republican driven legislation.

  19. Chuck Pelto says:

    P.S. Palin’s probably smarter than most of the commenters I’ve read on this page. It would have been interesting to hear her speak. Maybe if she went to someplace like Colorado Springs and spoke a such an event there.

    I doubt if the people who expressed such umbrage about her speaking in the vicinity of Denver have enough intestinal fortitude, i.e., guts, to drive that far out of town to cause any serious trouble.

    [The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. — John Stuart Mill]

  20. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: Ron
    RE: Interesting Numbers….

    ….you’ve got there at 1944 hrs, yesterday.

    I suspect they’re so low because the SKP Foundation doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude necessary to attrach REAL money from REAL soldiers. It looks to me, based on their abysmal performance in fund-raising AND this business, that they rely on so-called ‘liberals’ to support their ‘mission statement’. And, as we all know, liberals are HARDLY ‘liberal’ with their money. They’d rather let the government do such things for them.


    P.S. Check out Klavan on the Culture at….

    You’ll get a ‘clue’…..

  21. Lynne says:

    If the whole gala was canceled because of “negative rhetoric,” and no actual threats, I think the organizers are a bit suspect. I’m more likely to believe that projected ticket sales weren’t going to be as big as they’d like. In which case, it’s doubly suspect that they’re blaming “comments,” at places like this, for the cancellation.

    At any rate, I don’t hate Sarah or Bristol…I just think they’re abject morons. I wish them no ill will and hope they continue to make whatever money they can, wherever they can get it.

    It’s their First Amendment right, isn’t it. I’m just glad Sarah’s out of politics (oh, she is…she couldn’t get elected on a bet) and she can just spout her inanities where I won’t have to read or hear them.

    If she does appear elsewhere, I won’t be going to hear her…and it won’t be because I lack intestinal fortitude. I won’t go to hear her because I’m not willing to pay to hear things that make no rational sense to ANYONE in their right mind…which is, pretty much, most Republicans, most Democrats and most Independents.

    1. Chuck Pelto says:

      “Abject Morons”?

      See my 062239 Feb 2011 (above)……and consider your ‘projection’…..

  22. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: I Find It Interesting….

    ….that none of these people calling Palin ‘stupid’, ‘moronic’ or any other indication of mental deficiency have NEVER THEMSELVES:

    • Been a mayor of any community
    • Been elected governor of a state
    • Dealt with bordering nations, one of which is hostile to the US and has nuclear weapons
    • Been the commander-in-chief of any military formation, that was capable of bringing down incoming ballistic missiles

    Let alone wining a national-level ‘beauty pageant’..

    It’s fascinating that these ‘under achievers’ despise someone else so voraciously. I suspect it has a LOT to do with (1) fear and/or (2) jealousy.


    [First they mock you. Then they ridicule you. Then they hate you. Then you win.]]

    1. Lynne says:

      I’ve never said Ms. Palin was mentally deficient (unless you know something I don’t, about her personal life, I don’t believe she IS mentally deficient). I believe she’s very intelligent, just not very bright. All this is based on what I’ve heard come out of her mouth, not on any personal knowledge.

      I certainly don’t “despise” Ms. Palin, her family or anyone else I don’t particularly agree with. I don’t even know them. How could I despise them?

      I do dislike (despise is too ugly a word for anything I’ve ever felt. It smacks of hatred and/or bigotry, which are not in my vocabulary) most of what she has to say…okay, I dislike everything I’ve actually heard her say. If she’s said things I might like, I don’t really want to sit through all the rest of it for a few words, here and there.

      No, I haven’t held public office (never had the vocation), been a beauty contestant (ewwww!) or anything else in your list. What in the heck does that have to do with anything?

      You do realize you’ve just called every lowly professional, educator, police officer, auto mechanic, homemaker, journalist, etc. an under achiever, don’t you? Most of us have never held public office or won a beauty contest, but I think we probably still feel we’ve contributed to society to the best of our collective abilities.

      As far as being ‘mocked, ridiculed or hated’ being a sure-fire way to win anything…I wouldn’t bet the farm on that, in any situation.

      Fear would imply that she could do something to take away my life or liberty – she can’t, therefore I don’t fear her.

      Jealousy would imply that I want to take things from her and co-opt them for myself, leaving her with whatever it is you think I don’t currently have. – I don’t want anything she has, nor do I want to take it away from her, therefore I’m not jealous of her.

      We’re all entitled to our opinions and I love that we can express them. While I don’t agree with your opinions, I respect your right to have them and I compliment you on keeping this discussion lively. Thanks, Chuck!

      1. Chuck Pelto says:

        TO: Lynne
        RE: Backpeddling?

        You said she was an “abject moron”. That is ‘mentally deficient’ by the DSM.

        Hope the helps. But I have SERIOUS doubts….


        [The filed behind rhetoric is oft mined with equivocation.[

        P.S. More to follow. Right now, I have to work on fixing supper.

  23. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Talking About Cognitive Dissonance

    Lynne says that Palin is “very intelligent” but NOT “very bright”. I don’t know WHERE she studied English, but I can guess that Lynne graduated from high school sometime in after 1990. This is the sort of ‘thought’ that I’ve seen manifested in the ‘credentialed’ but no ‘educated’.

    RE: Winning Combinations….

    …..I guess Lynne slept through the November bi-annual election and the successes of the TEA Party movement. The TEA Party was (1) ignored, then (2) ridiculed, then (3) hated and NOW it has ‘won’. And it is going to keep on winning. I’m a co-chair for my precinct and this Saturday we hold our county assembly to re-organized. The old team of ‘leadership’ is bowing out. And a more energetic team is going to take over. That’s just this one county. One among hundreds.


    [Nothing succeeds like success…..]

  24. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: How….



    [The Truth will out…..]

  25. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Nothing Succeeds Like Success

    As the dust ‘settled’ at the end of this county’s bi-annual organizational assembly, Tea Partiers took two of the three elected positions in the Republican Party structure. They almost swept the ballots.


    [First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they hate you. Then you ‘win’.]

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