DENVER (CBS4) – Six new sites are now on Colorado’s Most Endangered Places list.

Colorado Preservation Incorporated made the announcement during its annual Saving Places conference in Denver this week. CBS4’s Tom Mustin emceed the event . CBS4’s Kevin Strong put together the video portion.

This year’s list includes a pioneer cemetery in Arvada, a chapel in Grand Junction, an irrigation flume in Cortez, the deputy warden’s house in Canyon City, Salida’s opera house, and University of Colorado’s Given Institute in Aspen.

Colorado’s endangered places program was launched in 1997.

Link: Colorado’s Most Endangered Places

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  1. Marcia Palmer says:

    Hello, it appears your link to Colorado’s Most Endangered Places does not work. I am desperately seeking information on Riverside Cemetery and if anything is being done these days to help preserve and dare I ask, restore its grounds and statuary? I have been looking for hours and nothing is coming up on any databases or newspaper archives. Please, I have attempted to contact The Friends of Riverside Cemetery with no luck either, though I am starting my attempts again tomorrow. If there is anything you could send my way as far as contact info for those involved or is there a way to get Riverside back to the top of your list, that too would be helpful. Thank you in advance for your help and patience.
    Sincerely Marcia Palmer,
    Arapahoe Community College

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