DENVER (AP) — Movie tickets would cost 10 cents more under a proposal by two Colorado Republicans to raise incentive money for film productions.

House Bill 1207 would add a dime to movie tickets starting in July, with the money designated for the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media. That office offers tax incentives to try to attract film and television productions to Colorado.

The proposal was introduced Friday, and an analysis of how much the bill would raise wasn’t immediately available. The sponsors — Republican Rep. Tom Massey and Republican Sen. Nancy Spence — couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on the movie ticket fee proposal.

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  1. Taxpayer Joe says:

    Let me see here; the taxpayers paid for the Broncos’ stadium, and the Rockies stadium. Now these bozos want us to pay people to come here and make movies. Well, guess what, if the abundance of scenery, talented people of all of the trades and ideal transportation isn’t enough to entice them here LET THEM GO ELSEWHERE AND GET LESS!!!
    I’m so sick and tired of the bill being footed by us, the taxpayers.

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