BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The record cold snap left a mess in its aftermath on Thursday morning.

A pipe burst in Fairview High School’s boiler room, spilling water onto the floor. The damage was limited to the sprinkler system.

Maintenance workers were trying to fix the problem, but the water had to be temporarily shut off in the meantime.

The school planned to stay in session as the leak was limited to the boiler room. The water and heat were functioning properly by midday.

In Jefferson County three schools had broken pipes on Wednesday.

In Douglas Conunty Sierra Middle School in Parker was closed due to broken pipes. All students were sent home.

In Denver Public Schools six classrooms had water leaks.

Comments (2)
  1. Brad Pellman says:

    Unfortunatly the auditorium and stage were involved causing the postponement by one week of PRIDE AND PREDJUICE . The play was due to start on Thursday but there was so muich water the stage needed to dry out and some costumes needed to be taken to be cleaned.

  2. Saami Doodi says:

    For instance, if a plumbing related water pipe all of a sudden break open and normal water begun to ton the property,…pipe burts

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